Home-Staying New Year's Eve Can Be Super Funny With These 20+ Tweets!

First, we wish you a new year, 2023, of happiness, health, and success. If you are lucky to take part in parties and countdowns, you might be very joyful with the fireworks and the exciting crowd. How about our stay-at-home fellows? It's a good idea, too, to cuddle in warmth and fuzziness inside your lovely house with your dear family. Several clans even have traditional things to do together on Ney Year's Eve.

Source: Time Out (photo used for illustration)

In case you don't like being with a handful of strangers in the cold or can't bear loud noises, get your ribs tickled by our funny list of home-staying-on-New-Year's-Eve tweets! Somewhere on this planet, plenty of people do baffling things at home at the merry night, which are shared on the bluebird network and will not fail to help you enjoy your moment.
It doesn't matter where you choose to be, New Year's Eve's joy is always for you. Have fun!

#1. Yay

Source: @imightbefunny1

#2. Paddington?? Are you ok????

Source: @paddingtonbear

#3. Absolutely!

Source: @Social_Mime

#4. Festive season

Source: @sixfootcandy

#5. Weird week!

Source: @margaeyre

#6. Or Bedroompalooza

Source: @MichellCClark

#7. Fewer

Source: @Shawn_Booth

#8. At that age, you'll understand

Source: @mommajessiec

#9. That's a good night in... Don’t forget the snacks!

Source: @sixfootcandy

#10. Sound like a good plan

Source: @ForecasterEnten

#11. Why not "wine and fireworks"?

Source: @kristenisbored

#12. NYE best outfit

Source: @JustBeingEmma

#13. 100% chance of nope

Source: @mcdadstuff

#14. Fancy

Source: @fawnserene

#15. And go to bed by 8 p.m.

Source: @MEBlythe1

#16. And will not karaoke

Source: @RodLacroix

#17. This is wisdom you can't beat!

Source: @XplodingUnicorn

#18. Live your best life

Source: @sixfootcandy

#19. Good idea!

Source: @raoulvilla

#20. Hot tea at 6:30! Sigh!

Source: @simoncholland

#21. Introverts unite! At home and online

Source: @AbbyHasIssues

#22. This is going to take years to catch up on ...

Source: @mommajessiec

#23. Snug as a bug in a rug- purrfect

Source: @PebblesPuss2014

If you chuckle and read all the hilarious tweets, be sure to like and share the list, leave a comment, and check out some more on our site! Happy New Year!
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