Hilarious Tall People Problems That Will Make You Say "Damn, The Struggle Is Real"

According to some studies, tall people are more likely to be successful in life. Not just that, they already have the upper hand in physical traits; being long-legged makes them appear attractive and stand out wherever they go. Just imagine when they enter a room, everyone (including us) can not help but notice them. On top of that, others often find them very intimidating, which can be good when needed. However, things can also take a hilarious turn because of their size. So to shine the light on these long-legged folks, we have prepared a compilation of tall people problems below. Keep reading, and you will see what we mean!
From constantly having their heads hit the ceiling to struggling to find clothes that fit, these are the struggles people have to deal with daily. But, even though they find themselves regularly stuck in awkward situations, they deal with them with their "heightened" sense of humor. So let's join the chuckle train with them by scrolling down and checking these pics out; enjoy!

#1. "This is how my mum and I hug now"

Tall People ProblemsSource: reddit

#2. Looks totally safe!

Source: inspiremore

#3. "I love it when there’s no one sitting in front of me… my legs need to always improvise, adapt, and overcome."

Tall People ProblemsSource: Sevzor

#4. A not so relaxing, warm bath:

Source: HughesCharlie

#5. Being in someone else’s cover photo.

Source: christine_lilc

#6. Human Tetris!

Source: Amerphose

#7. When you are tall, sometimes it's hard to use a bathroom stall without making awkward eye contact over the door...

Tall People ProblemsSource: tallsomeblog

#8. Or a fitting room...

Tall People ProblemsSource: imgur

#9. "A friend of mine at a recent checkup"

Tall People ProblemsSource: imgur

#10. "How tall are you?"

Tall People ProblemsSource: NewtonJesse

#11. Ah, do you just love window seats?

Tall People ProblemsSource: Thats2bad4u001

#12. For long-legged folks, bending the knees is their daily routine:

Tall People ProblemsSource: isaac_young_

#13. And this:

Tall People ProblemsSource: Theemuts

#14. Their back will suffer too.

Tall People ProblemsSource: drollfeed

#15. Not to mention their mental state, LOL.

Tall People ProblemsSource: drollfeed

#16. "Go to Italy they said, it would be fun they said."

Tall People ProblemsSource: reddit

#17. Even portion sizes can be disappointing:

Tall People ProblemsSource: hyznbrg

#18. Occasionally, even urban planning seems to have a problem with you.

Tall People ProblemsSource: TheIdahoPotato

#19. Airplanes are no exception...

Source: TheGreatWoods


Source: av8id

#21. This posture is essential when you’re doing dishes:

Tall People ProblemsSource: Timbeta

#22. ...or when doing your makeup!

Tall People ProblemsSource: bfst107

#23. Cameras have trouble picking up your face...

Tall People ProblemsSource: jman292

#24. But eventually, you get used to everything, know what to expect, and begin to come prepared.

Source: ryukensfj69

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