Hilarious "Starter Pack" Memes That Sum Up Certain Types Of People

Some persons or circumstances can be perfectly captured in a collection of images. Knowing this, some people set about making humorous "starter pack" memes that are surprisingly accurate.
It turns out that in 2014, someone started a whole subreddit devoted to these hysterically accurate memes, and with over 1.8 million subscribers, it never runs out of fresh material. See the article below for some of the funniest "starting pack" memes posted to this subreddit!

#1. The “I’m Not Getting The Vaccine Because I Don’t Know What’s In It” Starter Pack:

Source: somnifacientsawyer

#2. Things My Cat Will Drink Out Of

Source: LordPoopyfist

#3. Things We All Did As Kids Starter Pack

Source: Haxorante

#4. Things I Thought Were Huge Problems When I Was A Kid Starter Pack

Source: ZappBrannigansLaw

#5. Real Man In 2020 Starterpack

Source: comtrailer

#6. Science Lab In A Movie Starter Pack

Source: Flitwick87

#7. The “I Didn’t Mean To Open That” Starter Pack

Source: whyamiupattwoam

#8. The Fun Weekend Trip With Friends Starterpack

Source: reddit

#9. Sadistical Torturer Starter Pack

Source: pun_shall_pass

#10. The Shoes You Wear, When Your Mom Tells You To Take Out The Trash Starterpack

Source: vitunhienoninja

#11. Survivors In An Apocalyptic Horror Movie Starter Pack

Source: klendathu22

#12. Growing Up With Siblings Starter Pack

Source: welshie123

#13. Empty Wrapping Paper Tube Starter Pack

Source: discotable

#14. Dad Checking In On You During A Depressive Episode Starter Pack

Source: reddit

#15. Having A Nap Starter Pack

Source: stratosphere1111

#16. Unaffordable In America Starter Pack

Source: Dhall15

#17. You Starter Pack

Source: ResetEarthPlz

#18. Short Fingernails Starter Pack

Source: crystal__pete

#19. Totally Original And Witty Movie Dialogue Starter Pack

Source: carnage-boy

#20. The “This Isn’t Black!” Starter Pack

Source: Nathaniel820

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