Hilarious Situations Applicants Stumbled Upon When Searching For A Job

One of the most stressful experiences in our lives is going on a job interview. We stress over giving the best possible answers to the interview questions, arriving on time, putting together an excellent portfolio, and dressing the part to win over the hiring manager and land our ideal position.
As if that weren't awful enough, no matter how thoroughly you prepare for an interview, it can occasionally go horribly wrong in a genuinely amusing way owing to nature, nerves, and plain ignorance.
One of the most typical interview gaffes is a torn seam or broken heel, but these amusing candidates take interview gaffes to a whole new level. Here are the top 17 funny stories that are going around right now:

#1 You can't just hand your resume to the manager anymore, Dad

Source: bookluvr83

#2 CEO takes a candidate’s joke wrong, gives a speech about it online

Source: ArTooDeeTooTattoo

#3 Hiring Managers: You no longer have the luxury of "thinking" about whether you want to offer a candidate a job or not

Source: ddh85

#4 LinkedIn...heaven?

Source: SquareAspect

#5 Bribe the hiring manager after a rejection?

Source: Relative_Split_9390

#6 Didn't happen

Source: AF_woods

#7 Is this supposed to be inspiring?

Source: courtesa

#8 So on brand

Source: midwestern2afault

#9 Short staffed

Source: Nosduj_VT

#10 Ph.D. Maths student rejected for not show not having 3 hours of calc on their transcript

Source: tyw7

#11 After 22 online rejections and ghostings, I finally got an interview! When I arrived I was told they had no intentions of hiring me and just wanted to encourage me to continue my education

Source: damntheelctricfence

#12 We don’t count internships as experience here, so let’s just forget all of that

Source: RaymondFoster_01

#13 How about this?

Source: luxeluxeluxe

#14 I would watch that

Source: reddit

#15 Recruiter asked me to send in a report of my total earnings in 2020/2021 as part of the negotiation process...

Source: SergeantTeddyWolf

#16 Welcome to the next level of recruiting hell

Source: sm11_TX

#17 12 month ban from applying because of a 5-minute personality test

Source: StraightOuttaMaine

Have you ever had interview mishaps worse than these? If so, please share with us in the comment area what you did to get over the embarrassing situation...
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