Hilarious Parenting Tweets That Prove Kids Have A Sharp Sense Of Humor

We read all the books and instructions before having children, but they don't truly prepare us for the realities of being a parent, do they? All parents eventually muddle through and accept life as it is, coping with the everyday dull routine of raising children intermingled with the rather embarrassing situations that unavoidably arise while interacting with the miniature copies of ourselves. Many often advise taking these circumstances in stride and keeping a sense of humor.
This collection of ironic tweets full of sass and plainly way too adult a conversation to have with anyone under the age of 9 are sure to strike a chord if you also have a young one at home. They range from kids who think sending a stinker straight into mom's face when she's just told him she's had a bad day to kids who think their parent knowing their birthdate and time is knowing too much of their personal business.


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