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  1. NO.
  2. High paws.
  3. Starrt again.
  4. Typo.
  5. They literally can save you.
  6. Natural method.
  7. Skippidy pep.
  8. A quick reminded to hug your cat today.
  9. Please spay and neuter!
  10. Your eyes only.
  11. This happens a lot...
  12. Keep! Cats! Indoors!
  13. Mission accomplished!
  14. Personal supervisor
  15. "I'm always by your side, hooman."

Hilarious Comics That Purrfectly Capture Life With Cats *NEW STRIPS*

Calling all cat lovers and fur babies parents! Just prepare for a laugh-out-loud experience as we dive into a mini collection of comics that unveils the wild and wonderful world of life with cats, collected by our cat enthusiast, Emily!

Living with cats is like having a front-row seat to a never-ending comedy show. Just when you think you've seen it all, your furry friend unleashes a hilarious surprise. Whether it's their unexpected acrobatics, quirky behavior, or their ability to turn any object into a toy, cats know how to keep us on our toes. From the moment they pounce on our feet in the morning to their midnight zoomies that leave us wondering if our house has turned into a racetrack, these furry little troublemakers bring an abundance of joy to our lives. They remind us to appreciate simple pleasures and find laughter in everyday moments.

So, find a cozy spot, curl up with your own furry companion, and prepare to be entertained with these relatable and hilarious illustrations. Enjoy!


#1. NO.

Source: Hannah Hillam

#2. High paws.

Source: 9gag

#3. Starrt again.

Source: Milton comics

#4. Typo.

Source: They can talk.

#5. They literally can save you.

Source: Amazingly Cat

#6. Natural method.

Source: Cat in the trap

#7. Skippidy pep.

Source: comicada

#8. A quick reminded to hug your cat today.


#9. Please spay and neuter!

Source: Fix nation

#10. Your eyes only.

Source: They can talk.

#11. This happens a lot...

Source: Facebook

#12. Keep! Cats! Indoors!

Source: sephko

#13. Mission accomplished!


#14. Personal supervisor


#15. "I'm always by your side, hooman."

Source: Cat Lovers

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