Here Are 20 Wholesome Posts To Get Your Day Started Right

The Internet is one of those things that has fundamentally altered the way the world operates. People can effortlessly video call one another, communicate, and catch up on the newest news from around the world. However, the fact that the most recent information is easily shared online, particularly negative news, attracts readers, which is not beneficial for everyone. We believe you share our belief that good news and wholesome posts have long-term worth and should be widely disseminated.
And to prove it, we've rounded up wholesome posts to get your day started right. Scroll down to check out the list we've compiled. Have a good day and enjoy!

#1. I know people hate John Cena now, but this tells me he's a good person

Source: UnHolySir

#2. I’m u/miraclman31 the guy that recovered from locked in syndrome. Today i had a picnic. So grateful for the little things

Source: miraclman31

#3. I'm celebrating my 31st birthday tomorrow. I've always wanted one of these cakes, but never could because of money, or parents who couldn't either, or people who laughed at me for wanting it. This year I finally could

Source: Nanikarp

#4. Murphy (the rock incubating bald eagle) fed the orphaned baby foster eagle

Source: loeschzw3rg

#5. Real Christianity

Source: BurningBernie559

#6. I miss them all, yet they still make me smile

Source: Unindoctrinated

#7. Really happy to see these being installed in our public parks here in Ireland

Source: OldManMarc88

#8. Love this! How to encourage the next generation!

Source: Fluid-Daydreamer

#9. Guess I’ll take the bus today

Source: myself_diff

#10. Wife's children's book has it's own display in bookstore!

Source: morris1022

#11. I told my 10 year old daughter I had a special stuffed dragon as a child so she watched a YuoTube video to make me an origami one!

Source: Such-Fennel-7160

#12. Mutual respect. Love to see it

Source: ecanem63

#13. I just hit 600 days self harm free!

Source: greatwhitesharki

#14. My best friend turned 13 today

Source: mirk__

#15. It's not pie. If you think it is, we can bake more

Source: Kelmo7

#16. After escaping a 7 year long abusive relationship, I’m finally going to marry my best friend

Source: LunarGrumm

#17. Let’s go Gabe!

Source: KBDFan42

#18. Small violent best friend

Source: Meowface_the_cat

#19. I lost my 15 yr old son mid December and today, for the 2nd time since he's been gone, three of his friends showed up to check on me and brought these flowers. It meant the world to me

Source: Wonderful_Storm_2708

#20. Little late but last day of chemo. Super excited

Source: ChasenRobots

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