Here Are 20 Painfully Expensive Fails, And You'll Be Torn Between Laughing And Crying

Humans will never be perfect, and we will all make mistakes. However, have you ever made a costly mistake? You appreciate your earnings; therefore, when you invest a large sum of money in something, you want it to be put to good use. So you will be cautious with it from opening the box until it is no longer useful. And we're confident you're like Doctor Strange in the Marvel superhero film, with millions of ways it could go wrong in your mind.
"That Looks Expensive," a popular subreddit, is dedicated to sharing mistakes, accidents, catastrophes, and tragedies that cost a fortune. The chamber was coated in the snow; a 300,000 wall of monitors fell over; and there were many things that could make your head explode. Are you ready? Take a look at our list of painfully expensive fails, and you'll be torn between laughing and crying. Enjoy!

#1. Oops

Source: Angelic_Blossom_Report

#2. When you live in Svalbard, Norway, and forget to close the window to the home office

Source: mightyXi

#3. What birdbrain designed this sh*t?

Source: themiddleman2

#4. Big oof

Source: tenselyinlay413

#5. When a 300k wall of monitors falls over

Source: voitlander

#6. 80+ mph winds in Iowa today

Source: alphachimp57

#7. Supercar storage in Cheshire burned down

Source: mrsumoskar

#8. Nick Wylde would be impressed

Source: QueenElsaArrendelle

#9. A huge boulder crashed into a house in Tyrol, Austria today. Luckily, no one was injured

Source: shiny_roc

#10. Remember that bridge you guys built? We need another one

Source: docatwar

#11. The Golden Ray. 4200 cars in there. 14 months set up to start the removal

Source: lmostalwaysannoyed

#12. Absolutely smashing

Source: Reddit

#13. The SS Princess May was a steamship built in 1888. The ship is best known for grounding in 1910, which left the ship sticking completely out of the water. This is one of the most famous shipwreck photographs

Source: Sleeeepy_Hollow

#14. The ocean is on fire in the Gulf of Mexico after a pipeline ruptured

Source: Sid_00

#15. Streetsweeper vs. wooden bridge

Source: iiArjan

#16. Not entirely sure how he managed to get the helicopter on its side

Source: aquaaddiction

#17. Hmmm

Source: tvdb2003

#18. Yea I think I’m getting fired today

Source: curvegodalex

#19. Oil rig drifted to shore

Source: cabinhumper

#20. Odd way to wash your car but OK

Source: cabinhumper

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