Here Are 20 Amusing Parents Tweets On The Internet This Week

Valentine's Day is a day for lovers, and many parents may have gotten away from their children to celebrate. When Valentine's Day is gone, they return to their regular routines, such as changing diapers, driving their children to school, and so on. Children are the most precious gifts that God has given to us. They give us immense joy, but they can also cause anxiety, tension, or problems. Everything could happen.
We made it through Valentine's Day, and to celebrate, we've assembled a list of amusing parents tweets this week. Stories shared by parents on social media about their hilariously bizarre experiences as parents will have you rolling on the floor laughing. What exactly are you waiting for? Scroll down to chuckle, and don't be shy about sharing your humorous experiences. Let's get started!

#1. Sophie will understand

Source: deloisivete

#2. That was fun

Source: itssherifield

#3. I'll take it

Source: Chhapiness

#4. IHideFromMyKids

Source: IHideFromMyKids

#5. That's... something

Source: LizerReal

#6. Wow

Source: missmulrooney

#7. That's not where an eyeball goes

Source: Lottie_Poppie

#8. The best

Source: mom mom mom mom mom

#9. True love!

Source: perlhack

#10. How?

Source: jacanamommy

#11. Upcycling!

Source: MommyingHard

#12. Duh

Source: JasonHuebinger

#13. Dead giveaway

Source: IDontSpeakWhine

#14. Questioning all life choices

Source: reallifemommy3

#15. Suddenly envisioning her college years

Source: OyVeyLady

#16. Hmmm

Source: bgschnikelfritz

#17. Nooo

Source: marvelousmrsmom

#18. Bangs are always a good idea. Right?

Source: bgschnikelfritz

#19. Yeah, that's not happening

Source: KatieDeal99

#20. Clearly, headed to MIT

Source: KatieDeal99

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