21 Heart-Melting Pics That Will Give You Serotonin

No matter how much we want it, the best moments in life just can't last forever. Thanks to the invention of cameras, photos are here to make them last for an eternity and turn into enduring memories. While some people prefer to go back to their old albums to remind themselves of the good old things, others can't just let the present slide without taking new snaps.
In the gallery below, 21 heart-melting pics are compiled to give you a kilogram of serotonin to get through the day. If you like this post, don't forget to share it with your loved ones. Check out our earlier article for more: 20 Pics That Give You Happy Vibes To Get Through The Day.

#1. Added a bit of flair to my son’s helmet today!

Source: reddit

#2. Athena and my son, sharing a sunbeam

Source: Ruckdog_MBS

#3. My grandpa won 1st place in a Christmas costume party!

Source: mdanger88

#4. We were worried of how big brother would take to baby sister…

Source: ButtNakedTrivia

#5. It’s safe to say my daughter loves having all the animals

Source: westwarrior11

#6. My little "BIG SHARK" for Halloween

Source: ManicMondayGirl

#7. My wife loves giraffes

Source: LeftHandedToe

#8. he cutest hiding spot. Thinks I can't see him

Source: emhe91

#9. "Don't you ever bring that bird into this house? She will not be welcome here." vs Now

Source: Stargazerlily425

#10. Loved my son's slippers so much I had to commission someone to make me a matching pair

Source: Guns_and_Dank

#11. The gang is eagerly awaiting dinnertime

Source: 9999monkeys

#12. Never held a baby, I've avoided it so my baby can be the first baby I hold, today I got to hold MY baby

Source: glastonbury13

#13. “Hello neighbor how are you?”

Source: quiyassino

#14. It is Earthquake's birthday today!

Source: PENVermillion

#15. I adopted this little guy over the weekend, but he’s so sweet and affectionate that I feel like he adopted me

Source: DonBADoobin

#16. 102 year-old-grandma frying herself some chicken for lunch

Source: imgretel23

#17. This is the only acceptable item that can poke through between my seats

Source: bunnnnnnnyx

#18. Bentley and Bridget, unrelated but inseparable

Source: notsofast2020

#19. Walked in on my boyfriend in bed with some b*tch

Source: imgur

#20. Quokkas are a kind of friendly animal that lives in Australia and enjoy taking selfies with people

Source: in_canada21

#21. These pictures of my SO with my brother’s illegally smol kitten will forever warm my heart

Source: Cryptikaia

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