Heads up! Here Are The Funniest Moments Captured Right Before Disaster Strikes

A photo of a dog by the pool is nice, but one of a dog tripping into a pool is priceless. Although professional photographers spend hours getting the perfect shot, the best photos are often captured by accidents. Furthermore, the timing is so precise that it is impossible to replicate. So people then ended up with a selection of unique photos that catch the most unlucky moments in life—the ones right before disaster strikes.
Today we compiled a series of those photos for you to laugh at, in which you will see everyone's faces have many different expressions: some are calm, some are panicking, and others may not even know what they are about to receive. No matter how they reacted, the photos are undoubtedly funny. Without further ado, let's check these very moments before disaster strikes by scrolling down! We believe you will laugh out loud just like we did. And if you enjoy our post, feel free to share it with your friends and family.

#1. "Yeah, I'll call you back right, I'm about to eat the pavement"

Before Disaster StrikesSource: Gherop

#2. If you thought your yearbook photo was bad, this one student is about to face 70 criminal charges for ruining his classmates' pictures:

Before Disaster StrikesSource: Unknown

#3. The perfect party photo:

Before Disaster StrikesSource: Unknown

#4. She'll stop smiling in 3...2...1:

Before Disaster StrikesSource: Unknown

#5. Happy birth... oops!

Before Disaster StrikesSource: Unknown

#6. This girl is on FIIIIIRRRRE!

Before Disaster Strikes Update: She's completely okay. Just a minor trim to the affected area of hair, and you literally couldn't even tell the next day.

Source: MURPHtheSURF

#7. Perfect shot!

Before Disaster StrikesSource: Unknown

#8. The unfortunate example of the very moment before disaster strikes:

Before Disaster Strikes Ouch, that is gonna hurt.

Source: Unknown

#9. The bride has no idea yet...

Before Disaster StrikesSource: Aeogor

#10. Why women live longer than men:

Before Disaster StrikesSource: Unknown

#11. When you see it...

Before Disaster StrikesSource: FuturePrez44

#12. The woman before she realizes she is falling

Source: RedditorJoker

#13. "I believe I can fly..."

Source: RilindSh

#14. Someone should tell her!

Source: Unknown

#15. A huge fight is about to happen:

Source: APurpleTRex


Source: mytoecold

#17. You can say...he fell head over heels for her:

Source: elainavecchio

#18. "So I found a frog and I liked him and then he attacked me..."

Source: __avess

#19. Fun time!

Source: Unknown

#20. That moment when you rethink today’s plan to play volleyball:

Source: ESPN

#21. "The moment I lost my glasses."

Source: YourMomsNext

#22. The horror on her face.

Source: Unknown

#23. Her luck is already working, she's about to win a frisbee.

Source: abusivecat

#24. "My selfie with a duck."


Source: Unknown

#25. It's not the wave they wanted.

Source: bagelbunny

#26. "We tried to take family photos at the beach"

"Did your mom drop you on your head when you were a kid?"

Source: mainstreetsteve

#27. "My son can sum up our family's athletic ability in one photo:"

Source: RyanChriss

#28. "Mjolnir! Return to me haaaammmaaaaa"

Source: Duat-Re

#29. Not enough swag of Jonah Hill...

Source: gknick

#30. That going to hurts... A LOT.

Source: you_sick_ducks

#31. 0.5 seconds before realizing that she missed the glass.

Source: Sakalalaa

#32. Happiness is temporary!

Source: ranker

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