Have A Look At 25 Most Confusing Cases Of “Shrinkflation”

We often go to the shopping mall and buy familiar brands we’ve used for many years. Sometimes, we realize that the product’s package has changed, but most of us just take it to the cart without thinking much. Only when we bring the stuff home and accidentally place it next to the same one we got before, do we likely spot something suspicious. As you may guess, the package is not the only different point! It turns out that the size of the product has shrunk, and the manufacturers trick our eyes into believing that it is still the same.
With the global economic recession these days, businesses are struggling to retain customers. Though the recent inflation forces companies to raise products’ prices, it’s not the ideal strategy for customer retention. Price-conscious consumers may switch to more affordable alternatives if one brand becomes too expensive. That’s why many companies choose to reduce the size or quantity of their products to maintain their profit without shocking consumers with high prices. 
This "shrinkflation" may be figured out easily if the package shows the exact net quantity of the product. However, in some cases, the weight written in packages is still the same as before, while the actual weight is not. Meanwhile, for stuff like food, you probably realize the difference only after putting it in your mouth. What could be more disappointing than taking a big bite of a subway and the only taste is from the bun?
More pathetic examples of this tactic are shared in the popular subreddit called “Shrinkflation”. Let’s scroll down and browse through the best 25 pics we’ve compiled below!

#1 "Big flavor" my ass, this Arby's slider is pathetic.

Source: leravioligirl

#2 Oh You Were Hoping For 10? Sorry

Source: Zehrodyl

#3 More Dough For Less Bread. Thanks Aunt Millie

Source: millenniumxl-200

#4 They Shrunk My Grilled Fish

Source: Le_Vagabond

#5 Dove Soap Shrinks Again!

Source: rosedread0

#6 Hellofresh. Only Weighed Because I Saw Another Post A Few Days Ago Like This

Source: Emadyville

#7 Tasty but unsatisfying

Source: sauerbraten67

#8 They Are Coming For Our Shop Towels, Same Price As Before

Source: Samuellert

#9 Gatorade Using Same Size Bottle With Bigger Indent

Source: realslizzard

#10 It's Real

Source: lacks_a_soul

#11 They're Starting To Get More Creative

Source: 21111000011112

#12 Thought This Group Was A Joke… I’m Sorry

Source: imadeatshirt

#13 Glass Coke Bottles Shrunk

Source: Spikemydrinkpls

#14 Ihop’s Full Stack Of Pancakes. Not Even Half The Plate Anymore

Source: stinkbugsaregross

#15 Klondike Bar Chocolate Thinner? And A Plastic Wrapper Instead Of Foil

Source: Mike__O

#16 Well Now They’ve Gone Too Far. [keebler Rainbow Chips Deluxe - Should Have 3 M&m’s Per Cookie]

Source: RebeccaDeMornay

#17 “500g Ain't 500g These Days“

Source: Odd-Constant-4026

#18 I Want My 1.6oz Back

Source: elise_oisen_

#19 Where'd The Rest Of The Tube Go?

Source: stumpyturk

#20 Ordered A Bec. 7 Bucks. I Actually Laughed When I Opened It

Source: lem0ngr4bs

#21 School Meals In 2022

Source: thomascr9695

#22 Coke Machine vs. Product Dispensed

Source: Difficult_Dot_8981

#23 Campbell's Soup New Taller (But Smaller) Cans

Source: Hmnidh

#24 20 Fewer Tabs And Also 20% Price Increase

Source: CarryOnComputing

#25 Jack In The Box Taco. 4 Tacos All Like This

Source: ferhanmm

Have you ever noticed that the products you buy have shrunk in size compared with before? How do you feel about that? Leave your thoughts down below, and please visit our website to fill your world with more fascinating posts and stories!
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