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  1. 1. Did Miles Know About Duke’s Pineapple Allergy Then Pretend?
  2. 2. Miles Interrupts Duke At The Pool

Glass Onion: Who Is The Exact Killer? Revealed

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery contains many clues pointing toward Miles Bron as the film's murderer. Throughout the film, Rian Johnson sprinkles many aspects meant to intentionally misdirect audiences on the twisty journey to the movie's reveal. However, on top of these misdirects, Johnson also lays out some very obvious clues and hints about the killer that some viewers may pick up on. Here is the exact killer you would know if you notice to the details.

1. Did Miles Know About Duke’s Pineapple Allergy Then Pretend?

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Miles' technique of murder appears around the close of the first act of the movie and is made obvious after Glass Onion reveals the precise method used to kill Dave Bautista's Duke Cody. The killing of Duke occurs at the conclusion of the second act, while the movie's characters are having a party in Miles' art studio. Duke passes away for an unknown reason after drinking from the wrong glass. Later it is discovered that Duke did not pick up the incorrect glass; rather, Miles gave Duke a glass filled with pineapple juice.
As the characters converge in Greece to head to Miles' private island, Duke makes it clearly known to everyone that he is allergic to pineapple in what initially seemed like one of Glass Onion's many jokes. However, this explains his death later in the film after being spiked with pineapple juice. This is a clue in and of itself as Miles and Duke have been friends for years, meaning Miles would know of Duke's allergy, as highlighted by Miles' knowledge of all his friends when they arrive on the island. If eagle-eyed fans spot that Miles hands Duke the drink, it is not hard to put two and two together and assume that Miles killed Duke using his allergy.
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2. Miles Interrupts Duke At The Pool

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In between Duke revealing his allergy and his eventual death, he and Miles have a conversation at the pool that hints at Miles' murderous intentions. When reminiscing on prior events, Duke mentions a time when Bron almost "pancaked" him before being cut off by Miles prior to Duke revealing where this took place. Miles interrupts and finishes the sentence by saying the incident happened outside Anderson Cooper's house before swiftly changing the topic of conversation.
In a later scene that makes full use of Glass Onion's talented cast, it is revealed that this incident happened outside Andi's house, as Miles was speeding away from the scene of the murder of his business partner. Duke, however, simply thought Andi, played by Janelle Monáe, was not home when arriving at her house after Miles. It is only after Duke receives an alert on his phone of the press releasing news of Andi's death that he realizes Miles killed her that night.
Miles interrupts the story in order to cover his tracks so that Blanc and the other guests do not know he was at Andi's house the night of her murder. Upon Duke realizing this, Miles kills him using the aforementioned pineapple allergy to further cover his murder of Andi and secure his alibi. Before Netflix's Glass Onion's climactic revelation, this interruption of Duke by Miles is simply played off as two friends misremembering an event, before being revealed to be a cover-up by Miles.

Glass Onion Who Is The KillerSource: Parade

In short: Miles Bron killed both Duke and Andi.
There's a long, winding, explanation, and quite frankly, Rian Johnson is better at explaining it through Daniel Craig's iconic southern drawl than we ever could be. But, in essence, the idea is this: people other than Miles are considered suspects, because, as beneficiaries of Miles' wealth and power in various capacities, they all have reasons to protect him from whatever information Andi would've made public.
But Benoit Blanc realizes something very important: Miles Bron, the billionaire tech "genius" is, in fact, an idiot. He constantly uses fake words that he seems to think mean something that they don't. He has no common sense. In the movie's flashback scenes intentionally or not, he's dressed like Tom Cruise's idiot motivational speaker character from Magnolia. The man's an idiot! As soon as Miles learned that Andi had something that could ruin him, he zipped over to her house in his beloved sports car and poisoned her himself. Duke saw him there, referring to the time Miles almost ran him over at "Andi's house," earlier in the film—something Miles then lied and said was referring to a party at Anderson Cooper's house. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news  to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about entertainment news
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