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Meet Georgia Harrison From Love Island: Bio, Career, Personal Life And TV Shows

Georgia Harrison, a lively and energetic figure from the world of reality TV, first grabbed our attention on ITVBe's "The Only Way Is Essex." However, her journey on "Love Island" in 2017 truly made her a household name. Since then, Georgia has appeared on different TV shows, bringing her own style and vibe to each appearance. Let's look into the life of Georgia Harrison, the star of "Love Island."


Georgia Harrison From Love Island’s Bio, Career & Personal Life

Georgia Harrison From Love Island Source: Love Island

Early Life

Born on December 12, 1994, in the London Borough of Redbridge, Georgia Louise Harrison's early years were full of tough times and toughness. Battling ADHD that wasn't spotted, Georgia faced big obstacles in her schooling, leading to her expulsion as a teenager. These early experiences, though loaded with problems, helped shape her into the strong and charming person she is today.


Before showing up on our screens, Georgia worked as a personal assistant. Her TV debut came in 2014 with "The Only Way Is Essex," although her stint was short-lived. Undeterred, she really stood out on "Love Island" in 2017, later appearing in shows like "The Challenge: War of the Worlds" and "Celebrity Ex on the Beach." Her bold face-off with personal issues in the documentary "Revenge Porn: Georgia vs Bear" highlights her courage and support.

Georgia Harrison’s TV Shows & Awards

  • The Only Way Is Essex (2014) - Main cast
  • Love Island (2017) - Contestant; series 3
  • Celebrity Ghost Hunt (2018) - Main cast
  • The Challenge: War of the Worlds (2019) - Contestant
  • Celebrity Ex on the Beach (2020) - Main cast
  • Revenge Porn: Georgia vs Bear (2023) - Documentary
  • Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins (2024) - Contestant; series 6
In November 2023, Georgia was recognized in the BBC's 100 Women list.
Georgia Harrison Love Island All Star Source: Love Island

Potential Political Career

Georgia expressed her interest in politics during an interview with The Sun, revealing her discussions with the Labour Party about potentially standing as a Member of Parliament. This move signifies her growing impact beyond the Entertainment industry.


Georgia Harrison's romantic life has always got the public's eye, with relationships including Tom Pearce, Stephen Bear, Sam Gowland, and links to Miles Nazaire and Lewis Bloor. Post "Love Island," she dated Sam Gowland, but the relationship ended amidst cheating rumors. She later dated television personality Stephen Bear and the relationship led to a well-known legal battle involving revenge porn.

Georgia Harrison And Stephen Bear

Georgia's relationship with Stephen Bear turned into a legal battle after Bear was found guilty of voyeurism and disclosing private, sexual photographs and films without her consent. Bear was sent to jail because of this. This case was a key moment in Georgia's life, leading to her involvement in the documentary "Revenge Porn: Georgia vs Bear," highlighting the grave issues of invading privacy and consent in the online world.

Advocacy And Activism

Besides her television career, Georgia is known for spreading the word about women's safety. Following her legal battle with Stephen Bear, she has become an outspoken supporter against revenge porn, using her platform to support others who have faced similar violations.


Georgia's ambitions extend beyond the realm of reality TV. She has expressed interest in business, particularly in the fashion and swimwear industry, and has even co-founded an activewear company, GHX Style. Her business mindset is a significant part of her identity, showcasing her varied career goals.


Georgia's family includes her mother Nicola Harrison, siblings Darcey, Eva, and Danny Harrison. Her strong connection with her family, especially her mother, who is also her gym partner, is evident in her social media posts. Her family's support has been always there during her journey through fame and personal challenges.

Physical Appearance

Georgia Harrison stands at a height of 172 cm and weighs around 59 kg. Her experience with self-image has been public, including her decision to undergo a boob job, moving from a 32B to a 32C. She has openly discussed the impact of this surgery on her confidence, especially in the context of her appearances on television and in swimwear.

Social Media

Georgia can be found on Instagram, where she has over 1.2M followers.

Georgia Harrison In Love Island

Georgia's appearence on "Love Island" was a big moment in her career. Her participation in the third series of the show was marked by her lively character and her journey in the villa. Though her time on the show was brief, it really stood out, contributing significantly to her becoming more popular.

Georgia's Return To Love Island: All Stars

In 2024, Georgia made a big comeback to reality shows in the "Love Island UK All-Stars" series. This marked her first time showing up on a reality show since her ex, Stephen Bear, was jailed. Her return to the villa, this time in South Africa, was not just looking for love but also showing she's tough and ready to get on with her life.
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