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  1. #1. Gal Gadot reveals more exciting news regarding Wonder Woman 3.
  2. #2. Dc Studios currently has no plan to develop Wonder Woman 3.
  3. #3. Can Wonder Woman 3 happen at all?

Gal Gadot Gives New Updates About Her DCU Role, But Wonder Woman 3 Won’t Happen Any Time Soon

Last week was filled with jubilant news for DC fans, not only because they’re anticipating Blue Beetle’s theatrical debut, but also because Gal Gadot will very likely reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the rebooted DC Universe. According to the actress, both James Gunn and Peter Safran have spoken with her about a potential Wonder Woman 3 release, despite the sequel’s box office failure.

Recently, Gadot once again gave us some more positive updates about her role as Diana Prince, as she discussed her movie with James Gunn. The actress’s place in the new DCU was put under scrutiny, as Wonder Woman 3’s director Patty Jenkins withdrew from the project last December.

However, it seems like the much-anticipated threequel is not under development as the actress reported. Let’s learn more about Gal Gadot’s role in the new DC Universe and the fate of Wonder Woman 3 in this article. 


#1. Gal Gadot reveals more exciting news regarding Wonder Woman 3.

After revealing her talks with Gunn and Safran to develop Wonder Woman 3 last week, Gal Gadot recently gives us more updates about the potential threequel, and the two CEOs’ reaction to her performance as the Amazing Amazon. Speaking to Flaunt Magazine, the actress has this to say.

“I was invited to a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran [co-chairperson and CEO of DC alongside Gunn] and what they told me, and I’m quoting: ‘You’re in the best hands. We’re going to develop Wonder Woman 3 with you. [We] love you as Wonder Woman— you’ve got nothing to worry about.’ So time will tell.” The Fast & Furious star shared.


According to Gadot, it seems like both Gunn and Safran rated her performance as Wonder Woman highly throughout the DCEU running time, despite Wonder Woman 1984 didn’t live up to the expectations. She also quoted that both CEOs already have Wonder Woman 3 under the horizon, and the project will likely kickstart as soon as the SAG-AFTRA strike ends.


#2. Dc Studios currently has no plan to develop Wonder Woman 3.

However, according to Collider and some other sites, Wonder Woman 3 isn’t under development at all by DC Studios. This greatly contradicts Gadot’s aforementioned statement, who quoted that both Gunn and Safran are going to develop the threequel. Also according to these sites, the upcoming series Paradise Lost is the only Wonder Woman-related project that the co-CEOs have in hand.

Both Gunn and Safran also haven’t made any comment to either confirm or deny Gadot’s reveal. There hasn’t been any official statement from DC Studios about a potential Wonder Woman 3, either. Therefore, these two contradicting pieces of news are causing a lot of confusion in the DC fandom.


#3. Can Wonder Woman 3 happen at all?

Since we receive polar opposite news from both parties, we’ll have to wait and see if DC and James Gunn’s side will make any confirmation in the future, or if Gadot’s side to make a correction. However, even if Wonder Woman 3 is truly a part of the new DCU, we’ll have to wait a long while for the movie to hit theaters.

The first chapter of the rebooted DC Universe, Gods and Monsters, is still currently in its early development stage, with the first movie Superman: Legacy set to release two years from now. Besides, Paradise Lost, another TV series in Chapter One, will serve as a prequel to Diana Prince’s story, and focus on her Themyscira origin, which is way before she was even born. 


Therefore, realistically speaking, with the whole of Chapter One still in development, it’s hard to imagine Wonder Woman 3 happening any time soon, unless it’s an Elseworld project which strays completely from the DCU timeline.

However, DC fans still remain positive that even if a potential Wonder Woman 3 isn’t going to happen, Gal Gadot still has her place secured in the new DC Universe, and she’ll no doubt appear once again as the Goddess of Truth in future DCU titles.

Do you think Wonder Woman 3 can happen as part of the new DCU? Let us know in the comment.

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