20 Funny Wives Every Man In The World Wants To Marry

Marrying someone with a sense of humor is your VIP ticket to a journey of joy and happiness for a lifetime. Any man dreams of having a funny, lovely wife - who promises to bring a lot of smiles to them for the rest of their own life. These wives are creative, hilarious, and sometimes ridiculously honest, but that can only make their husbands love them more. In fact, the habit of regular communication and sharing a sense of humor are considered by many marriage experts to be the key to a happy marriage.
Give these funny wives a round of applause – wives who know the power of a joke in keeping the family happy. If you’re hungry for some more hilarious situations, don’t miss our post here.

#1. Husband Asked Me To Send Him A Sexy Pic

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#2. She Sent Me This when I asked her "How Long The Short Pants Were?

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#3. My Husband Was "Too Tired" To Change The Babies Pooped Diaper While I Pumped...i Sent Him This Photo, He Didn't See It Until The Morning. Diaper Was There For About 1hour.

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#4. Valentines Gift From My Wife

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#5. My Wife Found Out My Office Is Closing Down

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#6. Wife Made Me A Pillow

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#7. Told My Wife " I Really Don't Want Anything Special For My Birthday" Kinda Glad She Didn't Listen.

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#8. My Wife Told Her Co-Workers She's Pregnant

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#9. My Wife And I Make Banners For Each Other On Birthdays. This Was What I Woke Up To This Morning. I Love This Woman

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#10. My Husband Says I'm "Being Immature" But I Found This While Gardening And Couldn't Resist

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#11. Husband "Forbade" Me To Touch Alduin. This Was My Response. Alduin Totally Loves Me More

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#12. I Was Complaining About My Recent Cold So My Wife Made Me A Cake To Help Me "Feel Better"

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#13. My Wife Made A New Phone Case

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#14. My Wife Thinks I'm Stupid Too

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#15. Not What My Husband Had In Mind When I Told Him I Made A Sexy Dress

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#16. My Wife Says This Is The Only Benefit Of Being Pregnant

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#17. My Wife Bought A New Hairbrush With A Suction Cup At The End. I Found This On The Bathroom Mirror. I Love My Wife!

Source: 17d2gy

#18. I Too Get Bored When My Husband Is Away

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#19. Came Downstairs And My Wife Gave Me These. Uh, Thanks Honey?

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#20. My Wife, An Attorney, Wore Her Halloween Costume To Work Today

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