20 Funny Things Caught On Subway You May Never Have The Second Chance To See

The subway is an endless topic, associated with many quirks, mysteries, and even humor. If you are a loyal fan of this website, you are no stranger to funny images on the subway. This is truly a place where all the laws and logic in the world can stop working for a moment. The moment you go underground to catch a train, it's best to prepare yourself to see things that are funny, weird, and frankly, will probably make you roll your eyes and exclaim in amazement.
To keep you smiling all day long and to remind you that life is full of little surprises everywhere, we give you an entire list of 20 funny things caught on subway. You just need to pay a little attention and you will discover many interesting things around you. Next time you're on a subway train, don't miss out on the fun.
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