Keep These 20 Funny Scarecrows Away Or You Will Die Laughing

The straw scarecrow is a long-standing cultural feature of Western countries such as the US, UK... It has an extremely important task - to chase away birds that come to destroy crops in the field or fruit in the garden. Any farm has a few straw scarecrows and they have done their job well for centuries. Scarecrows have a long history of birth and existence. Traditional scarecrows are straw dummies that wear clothes, hats, and shoes and are placed in a field or garden to trick the birds. They will believe that there are people standing guard and they will not dare to come near to destroy. However, as society develops, people's sense of humor also becomes increasingly rich. Therefore, the appearance of the scarecrow is no longer as simple as the traditional one. They have been transformed into many funny shapes and can even be used for decoration. If you're stuck on decorating ideas for your family's scarecrow, check out these 20 funny scarecrows that will make you laugh off the chair.
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Funny Scarecrows 1

Source: Bucks County Courier Times


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Funny Scarecrows 8

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Funny Scarecrows 9

Source: The Batavian


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Source: The Family Handyman

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