Your Boyfriend's Birthday Will Be Full Of Laughs When He Sees These Funny Gifts For Men

Men are usually not good at shopping and that is probably one of the reasons why most people only think of old, boring ideas when they are thinking of buying gifts for their boyfriends like clothes, Perfumes, watches...If you're looking for a truly groundbreaking gift for your guy but haven't come up with a new idea, here's a new list of 20 super funny gifts for men that will surely make him laugh.These gifts are affordable yet packed with humorous ideas that are perfect for special occasions and will bring a lot of joy to your special man. After all, laughter is one of the most effective remedies against stress. So, don't be afraid to try one of these ideas and surprise him for his upcoming birthday.If you’re hungry for some more hilarious situations, don’t miss our post here.

#1. Toilet Timer

Source: Toilet-Timer-by-Katamco-Classic

#2. Unisex Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts

Source: AIDEAONE-Chirstmas-Sweater-Pullovers-Sweatshirts/

#3. Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

Source: Accoutrements-12041-Emergency-Underpants

#4. "I'm Retired" Mug

Source: etsy

#5. Plumbers Crack Camo

Source: Plumber-Camouflage-Fathers-Grandpa-T-Shirt

#6. Toilet Putt-Putt Game

Source: Potty-Putter-Toilet-Time-Golf

#7. NSFW Apron

Source: Ill-Feed-All-You-Valentines

#8. Hairy Tummy Fanny Pack

Source: giftideascafe

#9. Toilet Fishing Game

Source: Potty-Fisher-Toilet-Fishing-Game

#10. That's BS Button

Source: Talkie-Toys-Products-Bullshit-Features

#11. Toilet Paper (Love)

Source: Valentines-Funny-Toilet-Paper-Gift

#12. Hot Girlfriend Coffee Mug

Source: Girlfriend-Hotter-Than-Coffee-Funny

#13. Fart Ring

Source: Moon-Ring-Farts-containing-Farting

#14. Custom Face Underwear

Source: Personalized-Underwear-Breathable-Briefs-Shorts

#15. Beer Holster

Source: GreatGadgets-1880-Classic-Holster-Espresso

#16. Beard Apron

Source: Beard-Clippings-Catcher-Grooming-Shaving

#17. Ring For A Beer

Source: etsy

#18. Old Toilet Paper

Source: KPX-60th-Birthday-Gifts-Women

#19. Witty Yeti Dehydrated Water 16oz Can.

Source: Witty-Dehydrated-Essential-Hilarious-Practical

#20. Old As Sh*t Sash

Source: etsy

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