20 Creative Solutions - It’s Funny How Humor Boosts Human’s Creativity

Our mood can easily drop if we encounter unexpected challenges or hiccups. However, that doesn't mean we can't deal with them happily and smoothly. Sometimes the solutions are right in front of our eyes. So, when facing obstacles in life, the first thing you need to do is to look around you and think creatively to find solutions instead of being stressed. Try some of the 20 funny creativity ideas we listed below and see how effectively they work for your own cases. These are super funny solutions but also extremely 'excellent'! Hopefully, these innovative solutions will be available in more places, so that more people have the opportunity to experience them.
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#1 An interesting way to vote for something in public

Funny creativity 1

Source: Reddit

#2 Convenient bag holder

Funny creativity 2

Source: Reddit

#3 Mini take-away toilet paper roll

Funny creativity 3

Source: Reddit

#4 WC for pets at the airport

Funny creativity 4

Source: Reddit

#5 Simple yet useful cone holder

Funny creativity 5

Source: Reddit

#6 Creative avocado color chart

Funny creativity 6

Source: Reddit


Funny creativity 7

Source: Reddit


Funny creativity 8

Source: © Frosty_B**r_** / Reddit

#9 Working time will go by faster with this invention

Funny creativity 9

Source: © chordnine / Reddit

#10 End-month saving solution

Funny creativity 10

Source: © lucasi27 / Imgur

#11 No candles? No problem

Funny creativity 11

Source: © Jmax8** / Imgur


Funny creativity 12

Source: © Phorzaken / Reddit

#13 What a solid soap holder!

Funny creativity 13

Source: © muchos-memes / Reddit

#14 How to watch a tablet for a long time without hand fatigue?

Funny creativity 14

Source: © Finredb*** / Imgur

#15 Swimming goggles? A brilliant solution to stop burning eyes when cutting onions

Funny creativity 15

Source: © GavinBlackWrites / Reddit

#16 No money for the dentist? Try this!

Funny creativity 16

Source: © mangomilk / Reddit

#17 My ’zip ties’ sewing job

Funny creativity 17

Source: © 1_am_not_a_b0t / Reddit

#18 Solid stomach holder

Funny creativity 18

Source: Reddit

#19 Bye boring ceiling fan

Funny creativity 19

Source: Photos - Hamariweb

#20 Reasonable explanation for his baldness

Funny creativity 20

Source: Bouncy Mustard

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