22 Food Disasters Even Satan Wasn't Ready For

Cooking is not for everyone. Indeed, some people had better stay far away from the kitchen as much as possible, or else they will not only ruin the meal but also destroy the whole house. We have wrapped up several examples of food fails before and received lots of love from our fans. Overburnt food, ugly decorations, unusual combinations, and so on. Just in case you missed them, follow the link here to check out now.
Scroll down to see our latest compilation of food disasters that even Satan was not ready for. Maybe after you finish looking through them, you might feel better about your cooking skills.

#1. Hot dogs left in the roaster for 2.5 hours at 450 degrees

Source: OmegaSeas

#2. Wait, what???

food disastersSource: Blogtamsu Món Ngon Hàng Ngày

#3. Wait, what???

food disastersSource: jaavaaguru

#4. Tailgate dinner from my roadtrip, camping in Colorado

food disastersSource: simcrak

#5. Had leftover Chinese food for lunch

food disastersSource: KingOfUnfunny

#6. The English are cooking again

food disastersSource: Images with threatening auras

#7. Fried egg roll wrappers with condensed milk

food disastersSource: guava_nectar_head

#8. The pizza my aunt ordered from Red Robin

food disastersSource: mjo51

#9. Subway messed up my order

food disastersSource: letsplay1196

#10. Drake cake my sister made for my mom's birthday lol

Source: Whospaig3

#11. Am I disgusted? Yes. Am I impressed by the presentation? Extremely.

Source: blackmagikmike

#12. German food…

Source: Hellwann

#13. Everything ok, babe? You haven't touched your whole octopus entombed in gelatin.

Source: AtheistBibleScholar

#14. The saddest corndog

Source: Silojm

#15. Would you eat Roasted garlic ice cream?

Source: K_Chic98

#16. I ordered a margherita pizza

Source: moneytrees4shade

#17. My roomate made a bacon and hot Cheeto taco

Source: LegalSalamandr

#18. It’s supposed to be banana bread

Source: Butterflyaffaire

#19. Forgot my lasagna rolls in the oven overnight.. womp womp

Source: Karibou422

#20. Last Valentine's Day, my boyfriend made me a Jokeroni pizza.

Source: Crotchmonsoon

#21. Chocolate covered brussel sprouts

Source: Silojm

#22. It's fried rice

Source: reddit

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