Folks Who Had A Messy Day That Will Make You Want To Embrace Them Right Away

A bad day. That appears to be a phrase that no one wishes to hear one day in their life. They will put you in a terrible mood and make you feel as if the entire world is conspiring against you. Thinking about it makes me bored. Don't worry, you'll see amusing photographs of the world's unluckiest folks today. Don't think of us as villains since we know that bad luck will pass and that happy days await you.
We've compiled a list of folks who had a messy day that will make you want to embrace them right away. Scroll down to see them, and please leave a comment below. Have a nice day, guys.

#1. I took out my DSLR after moving

Source: Squaretastic

#2. Favorite knife lost to BUTTER

Source: -Kirida-

#3. This contact lens split apart in my eye. Has this happened to anyone else?

Source: AntiRific

#4. Doing some laundry

Source: TySi3

#5. Don't worry, the weather forecast said it's just a light rain

Source: namair

#6. The sun always wins

Source: TetheredPuppets

#7. Spray Paint Bottle EXPLODED inside my Honda Acty Kei Van

Source: Willing_Butterfly_38

#8. I made apple pie for my fellow nurses to make up for a very horrible weekend

Source: MrsSunshine94

#9. New tram tracks

Source: kapege

#10. A bird made a nest in my dryer vent

Source: Miamixink3

#11. Noooooo, not my yogurt parfait

Source: Loud-Establishment36

#12. Kitten found my wired headphones

Source: whiskeytwn

#13. A tree just fell across both lanes of traffic on the interstate in Southern Indiana

Source: clknives

#14. Beefaroni without any beef

Source: _seylin

#15. Waited a week for an action figure. Went to replace the removable head and the ball joint broke off and is stuck in the neck

Source: missinglinksman

#16. Figured out what the noise was last night... Opossum is not amused

Source: Josh_Your_IT_Guy

#17. I am having a rough day, decided to get a big coffee from Starbucks as a comfort. They filled it halfway

Source: Myrshall

#18. For every kid you voluntarily refuse to vaccinate, there is another who has no choice at all

Source: BlackEyedBroad

#19. Lost my wallet 3 days ago, finally ordered new cards, and then

Source: dragonboy2734

#20. The garbage man destroyed our enclosure wall

Source: RebeltheRobin

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