Folks Are Sharing Their Experience With The Dumbest Customers Ever

Customers can never be wrong. It doesn't matter whether they claimed to have a soup coupon in their basket but can't find it now, or if they forgot to order their pizza without tomatoes until it was delivered to their table. Dealing with customers who appear to have left their common sense at home is one of the sad factors of working in any customer service position. Every employee in the retail or service industries has stories about clients who should have thought before speaking, from making irrational demands to asking foolish inquiries.
Recently, Twitter user Westernunion2k posted an update, “Customers will say [stuff] like ‘Uhh it's asking me to remove my card?’” that started a discussion in which many other workers shared instances from their careers in which dealing with consumers caused them to want to facepalm. You can read a portion of the chat below; after reading it, tell us in the comments what the silliest thing a customer or client has ever said has been.

#1 So, just do it?

Source: westernunion2k

#2 Or people knocking at the door 15 minutes after we're closed - that won't work either

Source: HamKitten

#3 Working in retail taught me how many adults can't read', there, amended it for you...

Source: GreenOnTheScene

#4 M a t h

Source: tofunuggs

#5 I always pointed to the sign above me. "You see that sign? What does it say? That means you check yourself out. If you'd like someone else to do it you can go to any of the 5 regular checkouts open over there."

Source: MNIFuzioN

#6 The worst are the people that stand in line for 10 minutes, then don't bother looking at the menu until they get to the cash

Source: Sleestak

#7 No, I just don't like you, go away

Source: downtomarsgirll

#8 I can't see your brain from the outside that means you're brainless right?

Source: RinMints_

#9 Yeah because it’s supposed to automatically know it. What kind of Walmart are you?

Source: rayiah_ross

#10 Don't people generally do it by name?

Source: Ebeehamilton1

#11 I think we've all been fooled by the soda representative stocking the shelves and are a little weary as a result

Source: Sanket74445333

#12 Free 15-minute break


#13 They should have a 'skip the questions' button

Source: callin_br

#14 What’s that noise?!? Does anyone else hear those beeps?!?

Source: Zakariah_Mann

#15 Maybe you need to slow down a bit

Source: pacecarondeath

#16 Another one where the business needs to get with the times

Source: omar_2448

#17 Good job! Those are some big words you can read...

Source: MagentaTabby535

#18 Well, that's hard to tell

Source: atiela_theHun

#19 Going to be honest, before I could double-check on my phone, I use to get really paranoid too

Source: Rid13y

#20 If they even bother to read it in the first place...

Source: leviachan_stan

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