Fill Your Day With Hilarious Vibe From 20 Images Of Kids

If you have a kid in your house, you’ll never be afraid of boredom. This is an obvious fact that everyone must admit. Kids are a constant source of Entertainment even when they don’t have the intent to make us laugh most of the time. They just express what they think or feel and do completely reasonable actions in their mind. The point here is that their minds are often too naive, and their logic is too simple, which results in their unpredictable behaviors.
Kids have been funny since they were newborns and knew nothing about the world. Because little babies aren't able to talk, they use body language as the only means of communication. Therefore, their facial expression and gestures are much more diverse than adults’. You can easily see a disgusting face or a judging look on their face, which definitely cracks you into laughter. However, after they can talk, run, and play around, you will experience more weird and hilarious moments. Once they are bigger, they start to say things in ways that are beyond your understanding. That’s when you realize their incredibly eccentric logic!
How could a kid love to act in a play where she died and everyone held a funeral for her? And can you explain why a little girl puts her dolls’ heads into jars and display them with other toys? What about a basketball team with little members hopelessly crying and screaming? In many cases, we feel helpless with their ways of thinking and don’t know what to do but laugh.
Let’s browse through 20 pics of amusing kids that will leave you in stitches! If you’re under the weather, these photos will be the dose of laughter and sweetness you need!

#1 "My Daughter Has Been Picking Her Own Clothes And Watching Her Big Brother Get On The Bus"

Source: MatthewSmith58

#2 “After 2 daughters, it amazes me how different a little boy naturally behaves. Here he is forcing his way into helping his grandpa fix our dishwasher.”

Source: © Shadrach** / Reddit

#3 “My wife took this picture just before the movie started. He has been excited for this all week.”

Source: © onepercentbatman / Reddit

#4“Met my friend’s kid for the first time.”

Source: © buddymercury / imgur

#5 “Baby 3 arrived home yesterday. I told son 2 to not get too close. This was his solution.”

Source: © jtalaiver / Reddit

#6 "At 5 Months Old My Son Already Has The Best School Photo Ever"

Source: kimay124

#7 “First look at my baby girl...aaaand she’s judging me.”

Source: © lazy-waffle / Reddit

#8 “My son venting his emotions this morning”

Source: © pesqules / Reddit

#9 "My Friend's Son Struggling To Pick Up A Book"

Source: Jafooolie

#10 “My baby cousin looks almost identical to a Cabbage Patch Kid.”

Source: © ja_bour / Reddit, ©

#11 "When I Babysit My Niece She Makes Me Play Operation. Her Favorite Part Is When She Dies And We Have A Funeral For Her"

Source: yoilovetrees

#12 "Gently Kiss The Dolphin"

Source: gothamsbatman

#13 “My little guy just turned 4 months old, and he’s been making this pouty face since he was born.”

Source: © gsuITguy / Reddit

#14 "Our 6-Year-Old "Ran Away" Yesterday So We Told Him We Love Him And To Come Back If He Needs Anything. He Came Back And Took The Cat"

Source: NuggLife_

#15 "My Friend Got Her Daughter's Basketball Team Pictures Today"

Source: justgivemepizza

#16 "My Mom Said This Was One Of My Favorite Things To Do As A Child"

Source: gronkaflomarous

#17 “They would all scream for food at once, so the best thing I came up with was to do 3 bottles simultaneously.”

Source: © Wabbastang / Reddit

#18 "I'm A 42-Year-Old Male - I Grew Up With Female Cousins - Look What Those B**ches Used To Do To Me"

Source: SiPee

#19 "I Might Need To Have A Talk With My Daughter, But I'm Not Sure What I'd Even Say"

Source: SlightlyStable

#20 "Feared The Worst When My Marine-Turned-Cop Neighbor Called Me Saying "Come Quick... My Kids... There's B*inaudible* Everywhere... Wife's Gone...""

Source: LongtimeLesbianLurker

What’s the funniest experience you’ve ever had with children? What do you think of the goofy kids? Please share your view in the comment below, and don’t forget to follow us to get more cool pictures and ideas!
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