Feeling Tired? We've Prepared A List Of Mildly Interesting Things For You To Relax

Not everything has the potential to be fascinating, astounding, or life-changing. Not every song can win a Grammy, and not every book will be a New York Times bestseller. But it's all right! If everything was always the finest, biggest, and boldest, we would be severely overstimulated. You shouldn't have the spiciest dish you've ever tasted for every meal, or you'll never learn to enjoy cuisine with a satisfying kick. It's acceptable for things to occasionally just be subdued.
We've searched through the Mildly Interesting subreddit to compile all the middle-of-the-road fun facts and not quite interesting stuff people have lately learned or seen for you below. Don't expect absolute greatness because we don't want to oversell this list. Yet you should anticipate learning something! Maybe in the meantime? Perhaps what one man finds somewhat fascinating, you find extremely fascinating.

#1. We found neighbouring houses with the same colours as our jackets

Source: pantalooon

#2. My local library has a "library of things" for residents to borrow useful household items like toolkits and power washers

Source: TumainiTiger

#3. I Built the ~$800 Lego Millennium Falcon Set Out Of Parts I Already Had

Source: ben851

#4. Ken Jeong was a physician at the hospital I work at

Source: tim_mcmardigras

#5. This sandwich shop displays their one star reviews.

Source: captincook

#6. Hourly and salary wages for Buc-ee’s convenience store chain

Source: btasty1

#7. My son came home with a sticker reminding us picture day was the next day

Source: IHateDolphins

#8. This guy at work's huge "dad wallet"

Source: loercase

#9. This restaurant in Monterrey, CA doesn’t allow children.

Source: rockmeamat3ur

#10. My grandma's titanium hip after the cremation.

Source: sLiimFit

#11. The shower in my hotel is a glass cube in the center of the room

Source: EvTheSmev

#12. The guy who does the grass for my building left a rectangle of wild flowers so the bees can use them

Source: Gaddanger

#13. My local Five Guys is being run by Five Girls tonight

Source: exonomix

#14. The review this pub put on the wall. The pub specialises in craft beer.

Source: Large_Island3199

#15. This Popeye’s employee strapped on the job in Nashville

Source: EfficientPlane

#16. My local hospital has provided a house for a cat that frequently visits

Source: syncopant

#17. A local restaurant offers a woman's meal that is half the food of a man's meal but for only a dollar less.

Source: Jomalar

#18. My takeout rice container was 100% filled.

Source: SwashbucklingWeasels

#19. The plane I’m in is super foggy for some reason

Source: _ShaveTheWhales_

#20. Found a dead bee inside my honey

Source: remiUP

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