Feeling Blue? These Hilarious Tweets Are The Perfect Cure! Laugh Out Loud And Feel Better In No Time!

They say, "Laughter Is The Best Medicine," and it’s true. Laughter draws people together in ways that activate healthy physical and emotional changes in the body. It boosts our mood, reduces pain, and protects us from the damaging effects of stress. Nothing works faster or more effectively than a good laugh. And a daily dose of humor will lighten your burdens, inspire hope, and keep you grounded. Laughter also helps you release anger and forgive sooner. Best of all, this priceless medicine is fun, free, and a perfect cure to your boredom!
That's why we have collected here some of the funniest tweets for you to laugh at and cure all of your ills. Let's scroll down and check them out! If you love what you read, make sure to like and follow these Twitter users for an A+ timeline.

#1. That, friends - is wisdom.

Source: NoEmmeG

#2. Some names/careers are meant to be.

Source: LindsayPNewton

#3. Physics. Physics will pull you over.

Source: DivaLaci

#4. And it’s the man chickens too? like you don’t even have to lay eggs chill out man

Source: babyariees

#5. "I bet you can’t satan"

Source: realmainfeeling

#6. Gotta feed the plant babies calcium.

Source: Ranting_Trans

#7. Well, that escalates quickly.

Source: Kaitlin_M_Ruiz

#8. "I made a joke and she started writing faster?????"

Source: Noorthevirgo

#9. "Tell him if he was a male seahorse you wouldn't impregnate him."

Source: dietz_meredith

#10. Just give her whatever she wants Gotham she deserves it

Source: paulswhtn

#11. “Oh damn my egg”

Source: rhythmnbluess

#12. Working towards world chickpeace.

Source: SophiaArmen

#13. Donald better checks his AMEX!!

Source: IamBrianJohns

#14. "My wife is going to be disappointed to find out I opened an entire bag of Doritos for this joke"

Source: joffocakes

#15. The Father, Son, and the aauugghhh!

Source: _dispossessed

#16. This:

Source: thehouseofpod

#17. Bank account hurtin'

Source: witstieve

#18. Men love gossip please

Source: Maxthepapi

#19. “I need to review this with fresh eyes.”

Source: inreGray

#20. Vitamin I

Source: IgnatzHaderach

#21. Also me soon as I get home:

Source: lilxinvis

#22. You're not high bro

Source: stfuayen

#23. I would absolutely let them merge.

Source: RespectfulMemes

#24. "It'll be once a day, my daily pilgrimage"

Source: mfbenji

#25. As you should baby. As you should.

Source: uglygod_geno

#26. "Sick of all these liberals calling themselves allies while they eat avocado toast in front of me."


#27. You can zoom into the future with Your Android, You’ll see my tweets still say “Twitter for iPhone”

Source: zwotheramabale

#28. Next day? More like the very same day

Source: highoffness

#29. Haters will say it’s photoshopped

Source: LilNasX

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