Fearless Mother Dog Runs Through Burning Flame Multiple Times To Save Her Children

This was the heartbreaking moment a mother dog named Amanda saved her 10-day-old puppies from being engulfed by the fire in a burning house. 

Source: J. Monsalve

The house, located in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile, was set ablaze when a car bomb went off.
After the fire broke out, the mother dog repeatedly put her life in danger to save all of her puppies. She ran into the burning house, through the hot flame to pick up her puppies and brought them outside to safety.

Source: J. Monsalve

And she did it over and over again until all of her babies were brought to a nearby firetruck. Then, she laid down and hugged her babies to shield them from the fire sparks.

Source: J. Monsalve

Amanda and her puppies were brought to the vet to receive medical attention. Tragically, one of the babies, Amparo, succumbed to its injuries. Her 4 other puppies managed to recover, however.
According to one of the vets, Felipe Lara, Amanda initially refused to let them take care of her babies and see to her wounds. Eventually, she relented, but she did not let the dying Amparo out of her sight even for a moment. Amanda's bravery is a testament to the inspiring strength of unconditional, motherly love.
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