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  1. #1. Gadot is flattered by the rumors.
  2. #2. Would Gal Gadot make a good female Bond?
  3. #3. What lies in store for the next James Bond installment?

Fans Are Casting Gal Gadot As The New James Bond, And Here’s The Actress’s Response

Gal Gadot is currently one of the hottest names around in Hollywood, as the actress is expected to reprise her role as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in James Gunn’s new DC Universe, even though the threequel is unlikely to happen any time soon. She recently addressed her future in the rebooted DCU in an interview with GQ, while also talking about her fan-casting as the next James Bond on the internet.

As we all know, James Bond is one of the oldest movie franchises ever, and with a legacy spanning an impressive twenty-five titles and counting, fans are looking forward to the next Bond on the big screen, as Daniel Craig has stepped down from the role after No Time to Die in 2021. 

Theories spread like wildfire on the internet, with some even suggesting that Eon Production might consider gender-swap James Bond, with Gal Gadot being one of the potential candidates. The actress seems to have stumbled on this topic herself on the internet, and here’s what she has to say about the rumors.


#1. Gadot is flattered by the rumors.

Speaking with GQ in a video released three days ago, Gal Gadot revealed some information to the audience, primarily regarding her future as Wonder Woman in the new DCU, her surprise return in the Fast Saga, and her upcoming role as the Queen in the new live-action Snow White movie by Disney

As the performer went undercover surfing the internet, she found some fan-made articles suggesting that she should be the first female Bond ever on the big screen. Gadot was quite intrigued and flattered by the idea, and had this to say on GQ.

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"That's very nice of you to say, thank you. I'm such a big fan of this genre, I grew up watching Bond, and Mission, and Die Hard, and Bourne Identity. The little girl in me always wanted to play one, and I think after the success of Wonder Woman is when I realized, 'Wait a second, there's an audience for this, where it's female-led,” said the actress.

It seems that Gal Gadot isn’t against the idea of playing the female Bond, as she’s also a huge fan of the spy & action thriller genre. She also watches other iconic spy franchises besides James Bond, such as Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible saga, Bruce Willis’s Die Hard, and Matt Damon’s Bourne series.


#2. Would Gal Gadot make a good female Bond?

Gal Gadot is no stranger to action roles on the big screen. Besides her most iconic role as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe, she also stars in the Fast Saga as Gisele, Han’s lover, and makes her return to the franchise in Fast X. The actress even claimed that the James Bond franchise has a big influence on her performance as the Amazing Amazon.

Gadot’s most recent role is Rachel Stone, an MI6 agent in the Netflix movie Heart of Stone, which was released just days before. Gadot’s Rachel Stone is said to be the closest depiction to a female version of James Bond, which further cements the audience’s trust that she’d make a great Bond character. 

Source: Netflix

The actress also expressed her desire to have more action Movies in Hollywood with a female lead character during the film’s release: "There's more space for female-led movies in the genre, and that's kind of what gave Yaron and I, whose my husband and my partner, the boost to go ahead and develop one ourselves." 

"The action, the twists and turns, the scope, the drama, I love everything about these movies, and I'm so happy that we can share Heart of Stone with you." She continued.


#3. What lies in store for the next James Bond installment?

Source: Eon Productions

With the latest title No Time to Die in 2021 marking the last appearance of Daniel Craig as the legendary agent, there has been a lot of speculation revolving around the next James Bond in the ongoing franchise. Multiple renowned British actors were listed as potential candidates, such as Henry Cavill, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Regé-Jean Page, and Idris Elba.

At one time in 2018, the franchise producer Barbara Broccoli revealed that the next Bond could be a female lead, hence the speculation around Gal Gadot. However, Broccoli quickly retracted the statement afterward.


For now, Gadot’s upcoming schedule remains unclear, as the actress is reportedly working with both James Gunn and Peter Safran for a potential Wonder Woman 3 movie. However, multiple sources claim that DC currently doesn’t have any plan for a Wonder Woman threequel at all, which contradicts Gadot’s prior disclosure.

Do you think Gal Gadot has what it takes to be the first-ever female Bond in the history? Share your opinions in the comment.

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