Failures, Flubs, and Folly. Oh My! Exploring the Wacky World of "There Was An Attempt"

If you're someone who enjoys a good laugh at the expense of human error, "There Was An Attempt" subreddit is the perfect place for you. This community celebrates the times when people really tried their best, but ended up failing in a hilarious way. From DIY projects gone wrong, to attempts at acrobatic feats that end up in epic wipeouts, "There Was An Attempt" has it all. It's like watching an episode of Wipeout, except the contestants are regular people trying to do everyday tasks.
The best part is the comment section, where users add their own witty takes on the posts and share their own stories of failed attempts. It's like a virtual support group for those of us who have experienced the agony of defeat, but found the humor in it. So come on down to "There Was An Attempt" subreddit, and join in on the fun. Who knows, you might just end up with your own yellow star for your valiant, but ultimately hilarious, effort!

There was an attempt...

#1. to make Elon step down.

Source: miguelcprotlm

#2. to let the public decide the name of a school.

Source: BaronVonBroccoli

#3. to teach kids some Math.

Source: sco-go

#4. to have a drink at lunch.

Source: bbrown987654

#5. to locate a man with a cannabis farm in his attic.

Source: Orri

#6. to catfish.

Source: reddit

#7. to make a cute panorama picture

Source: Comrade_Vodka

#8. to pose with your bowl of ramen at an Asian restaurant.

Source: Gelato_33

#9. to dress up like a matrix character....

Source: reddit

#10. to produce tears during the act of "crying".

Source: Revolutionary_Town21

#11. to “hit and run” my parked car.

Source: astark356

#12. to claim that only one gender has to consent while drunk, and the other one is a rapist. How do you feel about this?

Source: ASTATINE_628

#13. to get a good pic of his appearance at a school assembly.

Source: DiosMioMan63

#14. to make a serious ad campaign.

Source: KarlSuur33

#15. to hide.

Source: KretroK

#16. to have nice and fun hallowen decoration.

Source: domiinikk4

#17. to make a baked potato.

Source: proudLateran34

#18. to champion "Straight Pride".

Source: txhrow1

#19. to prove how unfashionable these jeans were.

Source: hootersbutwithcats

#20. to steal a joke.

Source: hunterdude3

#21. to ride without a seat belt.

Source: BigfootDynamite

#22. to eat a mozzarella stick.

Source: Cheesecakesimulator

#23. to rob a bank with knife.

Source: domiinikk4

#24. to make fun of a bird.

Source: keefurs

#25. to support the “Canada First” rally.

Source: CowboyTrout

#26. to make grilled cheese in an air fryer.

Source: martyjoh34

#27. to have a smart shower thought.

Source: ARK_133

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