20 People With Failed Attempts At Trying To Look Cool!

Being cool is never an easy thing. These days, people take dozens of photos a day and may or may not post them on social media. Many people have a hobby of being cool in photos; but sometimes, their efforts fail. People often press the shutter button after posing but are not mentally prepared for something strange that may happen in the next second.
Sometimes, an event, a character, or an animal suddenly enters your photo in such a weird way that you can't expect it. That turns you from the center of the photo to a secondary character in the spotlight. Check out these 20 people with failed attempts at trying to look cool and see what happens to them! Let's go!
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#1. “A memorable shot of my daughter and husband while on the plane went a bit wrong.”

Source: © basshead54 / Reddit

#2. “Never take a cool during a snowball fight.”

Source: © Volcomstone986 / Reddit

#3. “Look at”

Source: © JephriB / Reddit

#4. “I wanted to take a selfie with ’Mona Lisa’.”

Source: © Gamebino7 / Reddit

#5. This monkey has either spoiled the tourists’ photo or made it better.

Source: © canuchangeusernames / Reddit

#6. “Trying to take a ’5-month-old’ picture and the dog jumped in...”

Source: © canuchangeusernames / Reddit

#7. “Still my favorite picture of me and my brother — my grandpa caught the moment just before my tears perfectly.”

Source: © csnk / Reddit

#8. Best dad goes to:

Source: © WellisCute / Reddit

#9. “The moment this jogger realized he stumbled into my friends’ engagement photo”

Source: © 123CJP / Reddit

#10. I hate those legs

Source: Funnyjunk

#11. Can she read upside down?

Source: eBaum's World

#12. “My daughter’s ’one-year-old’ picture didn’t go quite as planned...”

Source: © Dsclarke1989 / Reddit

#13. “Don’t I look better than this boring city view?”

Source: © shaquileoneal / Reddit

#14. “I took a picture in the exact same moment someone took a picture with the flash on and it cut my picture perfectly in half.”

Source: © Mrduff01 / Reddit

#15. Baby Is The Subject

Source: huffpost

#16. Selfies For Everyone

Source: thedelite

#17. Lost At Sea

Source: thedelite

#18. Surprised Kitty

Source: thedelite

#19. A Little Bit O

Source: thedelite

#20. Close Your Eyes

Source: thedelite

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