Expectation vs Reality: These 33 Photos Will Make You Unable To Stop Laughing

Not everything in life works out the way we want it to. Reality frequently falls short of our expectations, as when you take a perfect photo for your partner, and he takes a photo of you in the least favorable light. This can be frustrating, but if you want to look at it that way, it can also be entertaining.
We have collected 15 pics to show that you're not alone in your disappointment if your expectations were not happily satisfied by reality in an effort to lessen your pain.

#1 I'm too lucky to receive this. The right one

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#2 This *gave* (made/make)me speechless

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#3 I ask my friend if they could help me with the decoration. And this is what I got

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#4 Didn't know the vampire blood could be this clear

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#5 What we expected vs. what we got

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#6 It's the same. I promise

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#7 I missed my exit for Spooky Town and I’m now in Horror-ville.

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#8 This's just amazing...

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#9 The feeling when I opened it...

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#10 My chicken sandwich

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#11 I'm about to cry

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#12 Couldn't ask for more

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#13 This surprised me a lot

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#14 Hulk these days

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#15 Big box doesn't mean more stuff

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#16 Shoudn't trust the packaging

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#17 Ouch

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#18 No comment

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#19. Pictures I take of my boyfriend vs pictures he takes of me

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#20. At least don’t fry the potatoes, I was on a diet.

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#21. *Image on box slightly exaggerated


#22. First pic, what I thought taking my baby outside would be like vs. reality. Second pic, 4 YEARS LATER, when I thought she might like story time at the library... Yeah. I STILL haven't figured this child out.

Source: yourmomprobably

#23. Looks bad but has a great taste

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#24. Going to leave the Macarons to the French for now on.

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#25. Cake ordered vs what arrived.

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#26. What they wanted vs. what they got

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#27. Someone's having a problem with geometric shapes

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#28. Looks (and tastes) like a used Fleshlight left in the sun

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#29. My son turned 1 yesterday. This was the topper to his space themed cake.

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#30. [OC] Well I tried.

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#31. Winnie the Poor

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#32. We were really excited to use a lime from our lime tree for the first time

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#33. Expectation vs reality — yup, that’s the waistband without any elastic not being able to go past my chest, lol.

Source: alidieux

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