Expectation Vs Reality: 29 People Who Deeply Regret Buying Stuff Online

Online shopping is a preferred way to buy stuff because it's super convenient. The products we buy are delivered right to our door with just a few clicks on a smartphone or laptop. We spend hours in the heat of summer standing in line to buy necessities. However, there are still many inconvenient things, as nothing is perfect. For example, the item that you bought doesn't look the same as it does in the pictures posted on the shop page. Here are some 'expectation vs reality' photos that customers around the world shared online.
These 'expectation vs reality' photos are the best cases of shopping fails from the r/ExpectationVsReality subreddit. Scroll down to check them out for yourselves right now. And feel free to share your own shopping fail experiences with us by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

#1. These cat socks

Source: blockedtimer46

#2. The dress my mom ordered from a random website she found on Facebook

Source: 88outtatime

#3. My ASOS coat just arrived. I have a feeling they sent me the wrong one...

Source: _artbreaker

#4. Aw what a cute cat be

Source: cyndaquil420

#5. Mermaid blanket

Source: Roses88

#6. Incredible unicorn calendar from Amazon

Source: Ironman3721

#7. Breakfast jackpot

Source: BreakableElk

#8. The bear mask my friend ordered vs the nightmare fuel he received

Source: Brewkake

#9. A classic `expectation versus reality' dress

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer

#10. Ayy @ASOS (I might be wrong) but, I’m pretty sure you’ve sent me the wrong order...

Source: MrDylanEvans

#11. Bought a doll that had her hair tied up for my friends daughter. First thing she did was untie the bow...

Source: Dudyoon

#12. Panera's new toasted baguette. This sandwich costs over $10

Source: _Z_E_R_O

#13. Deep Dish Pizza. Above is the store's own advertisement. It wasn't cheap...

Source: Jeloz

#14. Microwave meal I had today looked like dog vomit

Source: weebhut

#15. Mid rib shorts

Source: AnnoyingPeeCock

#16. I ordered these boots on sale from for 50% off. I received one shoe

Source: Mileys_Twerk_Coach

#17. Ordered a Russian patch for my new jacket... Got a pride flag

Expectation Vs Reality PhotosSource: Espartiskills

#18. Some boots from Amazon

Expectation Vs Reality PhotosSource: Tzl1337

#19. So dad ordered a toy gun online for a fancy dress party next week...I don't think he read the small print

Expectation Vs Reality PhotosSource: AbbieLianne

#20. Expectation vs. Reality after a 6-month backorder from West Elm

Expectation Vs Reality PhotosSource: pputkowski

#21. What they ordered vs. what they got

Expectation Vs Reality PhotosSource: nascentia

#22. The top is pottery that my mom got in Germany, the bottom is my attempt to make it in my ceramics class

Expectation Vs Reality PhotosSource: erinflah1

#23. I ain‘t even mad

Source: Kritzelkrieger

#24. These shoes

Expectation Vs Reality PhotosSource: harley_g00d

#25. My Darth Maul birthday cake ate too much cake

Expectation Vs Reality PhotosSource: m00ska

#26. Taken from Twitter "(got me )looking like a gay priest"

Expectation Vs Reality PhotosSource: ruggedburn

#27. “Extra large” dog pool...

Expectation Vs Reality PhotosSource: leftcrow

#28. I mean idk what I was expecting but it wasn’t this

Expectation Vs Reality PhotosSource: _thesandbox_

#29. Friend posted this yesterday

Expectation Vs Reality PhotosSource: NoFearIsHere

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