20 Times People Shared Exceptional Features They Were Born With

There are many things that differentiate us from others, but what can be easily told most is our appearance. According to studies, there are rare physical features out there that not everyone has. Some might have more or less than five fingers on one hand, some might have different eye colors, and some might have eyelashes on one eye only. All of the features like these are actually very cool and anyone born with them should be proud of.
In the gallery below, we have put together times people proudly shared exceptional features they have. Scroll down to see for yourself! If you have any unique body parts, feel free to share them with us!

#1. This thing on the back of a friend's ear

Source: sexi_squidward

#2. I have brachymetatarsia

Source: toezeewoezees

#3. I don't have fingerprints

Source: Jgmanfour

#4. I have cystic fibrosis. One of my scars looks like a second bellybutton

Source: fabdancer95

#5. Met a new cousin yesterday with 6 toes

Source: benbernards

#6. My jaw from below looks like my nose from above

Source: MrLonely821

#7. I was born with 9.5 toes

Source: Thunderingthought

#8. Was born with some extra skin on my ear, so I figured it had to be done!

Source: Dovetrail

#9. Eyelashes went white

Source: deeno777

#10. My arms bend the wrong way...

Source: bibi-bean

#11. The palm of my hand grows hair after a skin graft I got a few years ago

Source: everyone_always

#12. T-800 prosthetic. Glows in the dark too.

Source: MrsZ04

#13. Having Raynaud's Syndrom is weird

Source: oonastellaluna

#14. I have dermatographia which means I can ‘draw’ on my skin

Source: mardo4

#15. I naturally only have eyelashes on one eye

Source: reddit

#16. Whoa, that hair!


#17. Saw someone else's deformed foot and would like to show my curvy mess


#18. My left big toe is way bigger than my right one

Source: NathanIsAHugeLooser

#19. I have an extra tooth on the roof of my mouth!

Source: Ima_Dimma_Do_Ya_Mam

#20. I was born without finger or toe prints

Source: Ima_Dimma_Do_Ya_Mam

#21. My hand pruned a fair bit while swimming

Source: A-Cocopuff

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