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  1. #1. Who Portrays Ms. Marvel In The MCU?
  2. #2. Ms. Marvel’s Comic Origins Explained
  3. #3. How Are Ms. Marvel’s MCU Abilities & Origins Different From The Comics?
  4. #4. What Is Ms. Marvel’s Role In The Upcoming Movie?
  5. #5. What Lies In Store For Ms. Marvel In The MCU?

Everything You Should Know About Kamala Khan - The Youngest Heroine In The Marvels

There is only one day to go before we can see The Marvels in theaters, so it’s high time to learn more about our three protagonists in the movie. And today, let’s get to know Kamala Khan, aka Ms Marvel, the youngest of the trio. 
Ms. Marvel is one of the latest Marvel superheroes to be introduced to the MCU, with a miniseries of her own in 2021. We’re all excited to see how Kamala will fare in The Marvels, but first, let’s dive right in to see her comic origins, powers and abilities, and the actress behind her through this article.

#1. Who Portrays Ms. Marvel In The MCU?

Who Portrays Ms. Marvel In The MCU? Source: Getty Images
The MCU version of Kamala Khan is played by Iman Vellani, a 21-year-old Canadian actress. Just like Kamala, Vellani is a hardcore Marvel fan in real life. When she was younger, the young star used to doodle Marvel characters on her sneakers, and never missed a release of her favorite comic book. Her comic knowledge is also highly rated by both her co-stars and Marvel executives.
Therefore, it’s a dream come true for Vellani to finally land a role in the MCU, and play a character that suits her down to a T, no less. The actress’s performance is widely praised by the community, and hopes are high for her theatrical debut in the upcoming The Marvels.

#2. Ms. Marvel’s Comic Origins Explained

Ms. Marvel’s Comic Origins Explained Source: Marvel Comics
Kamala made her comic debut in August 2013, in "Captain Marvel" #14 by G. Willow Wilson, and then had her own series in 2014’s Ms. Marvel #1 following the Inhumanity storyline. She became the first Muslim character to headline her own comic series in the Marvel universe.
In the Inhumanity storyline, Kamala’s powers were activated by exposure to the Terrigen Mist, a mysterious substance that was released worldwide and triggered latent abilities in certain individuals. The young Jersey City girl gained her shapeshifting powers, allowing her to stretch and reshape her body at will. She can also mimic other forms, grow or shrink in size, and heal herself.
Ms Marvel Comics Source: Marvel Comics
Kamala Khan comes from Jersey City, and is of Pakistani’s descent. She’s a big superhero enthusiast herself, and her favorite is none other than Captain Marvel herself. And just like her hero, Kamala also possesses a strong sense of justice, as she takes up the mantle of Ms. Marvel to protect the world from external threats.

#3. How Are Ms. Marvel’s MCU Abilities & Origins Different From The Comics?

How Are Ms. Marvel’s MCU Abilities & Origins Different From The Comics? Source: Marvel
While she’s an Inhuman in the Marvel Comics, in the MCU, Kamala is revealed to be a mutant, just like Namor and the rest of the X-Men. She also has a second heritage - a Clandestine, a mystical being from the Noor Dimension, where she draws her powers from. Her superpowers are changed accordingly as well.
Thanks to the mysterious bangle received from her grandma serving as a conduit, Kamala’s inner mutant abilities were unlocked, allowing her to create and manipulate hard-light constructs to either extend/enlarge her limbs, or create platforms to protect her body.
Ms Marvel Strong Source: Marvel
Kamala’s Clandestine origin also allows her to draw energy from the Noor Dimension, helps her increase in size, makes her bulletproof, and enhances her physical strength. These abilities of her are quite different from her comic origins, where Kamala’s powers are biological.
It is reported that since her Marvel Comics abilities are “too creepy” and hard to create using CGI, they were changed to her current hard-light constructing power to fit the MCU’s overall story better. So far, this change has been well-received by Marvel fans.

#4. What Is Ms. Marvel’s Role In The Upcoming Movie?

What Is Ms. Marvel’s Role In The Upcoming Movie? Source: Marvel
The titular miniseries in 2021 ended with Kamala and Carol Danvers mysteriously switching places even if they are light years apart, after using their abilities at the same time. Together with Teyonnah Parris’ Monica Rambeau, the three form a team to discover the strange phenomenon, while also having to deal with the new Kree invader, Dar-Benn.
Besides dealing with Carol and Monica’s sour relationship due to the former’s absence, The Marvels will surely dive further into Kamala’s origins as a mutant, and her connection with the Noor Dimension as a Clandestine. This is only reasonable, as after her and Namor, other mutants like the X-Men will be introduced to the MCU in Deadpool 3 and future projects.

#5. What Lies In Store For Ms. Marvel In The MCU?

What Lies In Store For Ms. Marvel In The MCU? Source: Marvel Comics
Since Kamala is the first official mutant in the MCU, and she’s a very young character, she’s expected to be a pivotal part of the cinematic universe in years to come. Ms. Marvel is no doubt a new member of the Avengers’ lineup for at least the two upcoming Avengers movies: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.
Besides, Ms. Marvel can also be a part of the Young Avengers, should Marvel Studios decide to adapt the team. In fact, besides Kamala, some other members of the team have already been introduced to the MCU, such as Cassie Lang (Stature), Kate Bishop, America Chavez, and Billy Maximoff (Wiccan).
Ms Marvel Avengers Source: Marvel
She can also be part of the new X-Men roster alongside Wolverine and Deadpool as well, now that she’s a mutant. The possibilities for Ms. Marvel in the MCU are endless.
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