Eva Green Was “Humiliated” After Production Crew’s Disrespectful Texts Were Uncovered During Court

Eva Green considers her exposed text messages in the midst of the “A Patriot” case.

Green sued White Lantern Films and SMC Speciality Finance for her $1 million pay after being cast in and serving as executive producer of the shelved action movie “A Patriot.” Green was countersued by the “A Patriot” producers for breach of contract on the grounds that she never planned to appear in the movie.


The “Casino Royale” alum said in court that she declined to take part in a possibly career-threatening “B-movie” like “A Patriot” when financing was cut after she agreed to do so. White Lantern’s legal team refuted Green’s assertions and contended that she never wanted the movie to be made, releasing WhatsApp messages in which she is said to have called producer Jake Seal “pure vomit” and a “fucking moron” who needs to be fired as well as other producers “evil” and “arseholes.” Furthermore, Green is alleged to have termed potential crew members “shitty peasants.”

In court right now, Green is speaking about the WhatsApp chats. In a cross-examination, Green acknowledged having a “very direct” manner of speaking and said, “I was not anticipating to have my WhatsApp chats disclosed in court. Already, it’s quite embarrassing.

Green contrasted the way Daniel Craig felt about the James Bond series to the way she sent texts that White Lantern lawyers believed implied she was “pulling out” of the movie. In 2015, Craig made the iconic statement to a reporter that he would “rather slash my wrists” than take on the role of James Bond again; he later wrapped up the series with “No Time to Die.”

Green asserted on the witness stand, “I know this story very well because I know Daniel very well,”

Director Dan Pringle of “A Patriot” texted producer Adam Merrifield and Green to express their opposition to the movie’s budget is reduced. Pringle allegedly wrote, “As of right now, obviously all three of us would rather eat tumors,”

White Lantern’s lawyer Max Mallin KC said that Green “conspired” with Pringle and Merrifield to obstruct the movie so they could repurchase the script without White Lantern or SMC Speciality Finance.

Due to the “chaotic” atmosphere of pre-production and the vacant production offices at Black Hanger, where the movie was intended to shoot, Green compared “A Patriot” to an “imaginary movie.”

She added, “I lived through this and I don’t really understand. I’m still confused by this cuckoo situation.”