Employee Calls Out HR When They Said Wage Discussion Was Against Company Policy

Salary has been a sensitive topic in companies, but that doesn't mean you don't have the right to mention it. Wage is one of the most important factors creating job satisfaction, so it should be a transparent issue. Discussing wages with your coworkers is a good way to know you're getting what you deserve. If your discussions were stopped by management as the Reddit user in the thread below, make sure you would stand up for your right!


An employee known as u/cocteaubeauty shared his unpleasant experience with HR on the subreddit r/antiwork. One day, he was threatened by the manager because he had discussed wages with his colleagues. The HR said his act was banned in the company policy. Fortunately, he used to be in a union, so he knew his right and told the HR that the policy she'd mentioned was illegal.

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The HR then laughed at the poster and denied his claim. She talked about her 18-year experience in human resources to prove he was wrong. The Redditor stayed positive about his opinion and required the HR staff member the evidence for her words.

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Since there was no policy about wage discussion, the HR member admitted her fault and apologied the Reddit user. The poster even required a copy of their conversation to make sure that he wouldn't get revenged. In the end, he did such a stellar job in dealing with this struggle, and he hoped other employees were also be aware of their rights.

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The Redditor earned lots of kudos from the online community. Many people believed that the HR staff member knew she was wrong and the employees were allowed to talk about salary, but she wanted to bully them.

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Some also shared that their companies didn't allow wage discussion between employees. Many Redditors thought it was unfair and such policy was created only to prevent demands for pay rise.

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