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  1. What is the exciting about the haircut?
  2. The reference of Watson's new hairstyle
  3. Adding A more modern detail
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Emma Watson Has a New ’90s Cut That’s the Perfect Volume Booster for Anyone With Fine Hair

Let Emma Watson guide you on how to show fine hair a little more fullness.

Emma Watson was the talk of the town in the present day when she debuted the long bob cut on the red carpet. The actress's showing off a whole new look that seems to be '90s-inspired-specifically, from a series called Friends.

Known as a beauty icon of Hollywood, Emma has changed a lot in her appearance, especially her hairstyle since she captivated people's hearts in the Harry Potter franchise. She rarely posts anything on her social account, but when she does, it takes the media by storm. During this time, she embraces her hairstyle which has for the most part been an accurately cut bob or long bob, sometimes in a half-up baby bun.


#1. What is the exciting about the haircut?

But for the man's final of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, the actress appeared in the audience and on her Instagram Stories with a new hairstyle.

And it looks simply stunning on her. The exciting thing about the haircut? We can see the layering that begins at eye level and ends at her shoulder.


#2. The reference of Watson's new hairstyle

Source: @emmawatson

In case you don't remember, this is iconic for Jennifer Aniston in the famous series Friends. This blow-dried hairstyle makes so many volumes. Rachel's hairstyle was copied by millions of women all around the world partly because the layered cut is so wonderfully versatile and can be adapted for different face shapes.

Moreover, it gives fine hair lots of volume.


#3. Adding A more modern detail

Of course, Emma Watson has a much more modern take on the hairstyle, it's a little less voluminous than Rachel's style, without sacrificing any of that oomph.

In order to get the look, you should twist the hair with a round brush as you blow-dry. That not only beautifully flatters your face but also adds volume.


#4. For more advice:

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Adding a little hairspray on top of that, you will have a look that can last a whole day of watching tennis in the summer sun. Game, set, match!

What do you think about Emma Watson's new hairstyle? Let's share your opinions in the comment section below!

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