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  1. Is Edp445 Dead? Debunking The Latest Edp445 Death Hoax
  2. EDP445’s Health Check-In: Is He Really Sick?
  3. People's Reactions To EDP445 Death Rumors

EDP445 Death Rumor Debunked Again: How Sick Is He Really?

Another month, another EDP445 death rumor. Recently, EDP445 made headlines again for being dead in 2023 due to kidney failure. Or is he?

These rumors pick up steam due to EDP445's known health issues. As a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan and former YouTuber, EDP445 was banned from the platform that once brought him stardom because of his highly inappropriate actions.

His online persona was controversial, involving profanity, racist, homophobic, and sexist language. He admitted to having disturbing attractions and engaged in feuds with other YouTubers and celebrities, such as Keemstar, DJ Akademiks, Tyreek Hill, and Dak Prescott. His political views, supporting Donald Trump and opposing vaccines and masks, also drew criticism.

After being exposed for his wrongdoings, he's been keeping a low profile, making it tough to confirm or debunk these death rumors. Let's check in with EDP445 and investigate the validity of these death hoaxes.

  • In September 2023, EDP445 was plagued with another false death rumor.
  • The former YouTuber's health issues make him a frequent target for death hoaxes.
  • The passionate Philly Eagles fan had a successful YouTube career before being banned from the video platform following distasteful allegations. 

Is Edp445 Dead? Debunking The Latest Edp445 Death Hoax

Source: @Pointlesss

Let's get straight to the point, is EDP445 dead? The definitive answer is: No. The content creator might be disgraced, but he is not dead. 

This time, rumors about his death originate from a site called Channel 45 News, where people can create fake news articles. An article on this site claimed that EDP445 passed away from kidney failure on May 11, 2023, at the age of 32. 

However, pretty soon, it was confirmed to be another celebrity death hoax. The website bears a disclaimer stating, "This website is an Entertainment website; jokes are created by users.”


EDP445’s Health Check-In: Is He Really Sick?

EDP445 Death Source: Google Images

The rumor might have a basis in reality considering EDP445's past health issues and obesity. He has been open about dealing with high blood pressure, diabetes, and gout in his videos. Managing his weight has been an ongoing challenge, with his weight peaking at over 400 pounds.

Even though he has made efforts to lose weight, he has often returned to unhealthy habits. Concerns about his health have been expressed by his fans, who have urged him to seek professional help.


In a video to fan, EDP445 stated he had stage 5 kidney failure and displayed a neck bruise from a catheter. He explained receiving hemodialysis, a treatment to replicate kidney functions. He also revealed having stage 5 kidney cancer, with an estimated 1 to 5 years left to live. He was also caught outside of a dialysis center, claiming due to life-threatening high blood pressure.


People's Reactions To EDP445 Death Rumors

Source: Twitter

Still, the rumors of EDP445 being dead spread fast! Despite no longer being allowed on YouTube, the content creator is still active on other social media platforms, and soon, people were flocking over there to verify the claims.

When the rumor broke, fans were quick to share their condolences. Some TikTok users also reacted to the rumors by making videos with hashtags like #edp445dead and #edp445rip. Some of them showed sympathy and respect for EDP445, “it doesn't matter if he did bad things in his past its not right to celebrate his death."

Source: Twitter

However, the majority mocked and criticized him for his alleged crimes. One user said: “EDP445 is dead? Good riddance. He deserved it for being a pedophile.” Another chimed in, “This man has a disease with KIDS.“ People have shown that they have very little empathy for the content creator. But one might question, is it the right thing to spread a death hoax about anyone?

I can say that EDP445 had a dark and disturbing side to his online persona despite him once being an infamous influencer, but spreading a death hoax about someone is never considered an appropriate action.

Hi guys! It's Layla here as usual. If you have any questions regarding EDP445 or any other celebrities, feel free to contact me at any time. Happy reading!

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