Dumb And Expensive Mistakes That Immediately Hurt When You Look At

Although everyone makes mistakes, some are more serious than others. Remember that mistakes may always be made, as shown by these incredibly expensive blunders, the next time you make one.
The world won't end if you make a mistake, but that doesn't mean it won't ruin your finances. There have been some mistakes that have cost a lot of money, like losing an NSA orbiter in space or missing a Starbucks cup in an episode of a previously well-regarded TV show. Here are this month's 15 most expensive blunders ever made for those of you who are curious in what they are.

#1. A multi-million dollar bubble bath.

Source: u/duncan_D_sorderly

#2. Yes sir, I can confirm that your package is currently en-route on a container ship

Source: u/EndersGame_Reviewer

#3. The poor little thing just wanted a belly rub

Source: u/EndersGame_Reviewer

#4. 5000 liters of spilled ink

Source: u/99999999999999999989

#5. Sorry I won't make it in to work today boss, my train missed my station

Source: u/EndersGame_Reviewer

#6. I'm sorry sir, but that spot is normally reserved for the boss's Corvette Stingray


#7. Someone forgot to drip the Faucet.

Source: u/Whoop_Rhettly

#8. Singapore Airlines SQ368 on fire after emergency landing.

Source: u/duncan_D_sorderly

#9. Silverstone race circuit yesterday…

Source: u/jet1290

#10. When You Make Poor Choices in Santa Barbara, California

Source: u/Morepastor

#11. California storm and floods

Source: u/HejdaaNils

#12. 85-year-old drives in Hamburg and 25m far through shopping center

Source: u/Random_Introvert_42

#13. A stray bullet on New Year's Eve lands in a guy's phone in Beirut airport.

Source: u/JoeJml

#14. Crane driving 101.

Source: u/duncan_D_sorderly

#15. Brand new Boeing 737 fuselages wrecked in a train derailment (Montana, July 2014)

Source: u/Inlanddrift56

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