Don't Tell Us That You're Not Infuriated By These Photos

Eating loudly, biting your nails in public, standing too close to another person in a line, and bringing pungent food to work are hands down among the most annoying things on planet Earth that should not exist. Yet, they still do, and from time to time, we all either fall victim or offender to them.
Having said that, some things are not so obviously infuriating yet they still feel uncomfortable. It’s even a whole phenomenon called “mild infuriation” that makes our arm hair stand on end and neurons go bananas.
While we can discuss what these particular things are, and they will surely vary from one person to another, there’s one social community that needs no words. The so-called “Mildly Infuriating” does exactly what it sounds like and shares the most annoyance-inducing pics that induce this feeling.
Below we wrapped up the funniest, most spot-on and seriously angering examples, so scroll down!

#1 This was always a nightmare. An elementary school nightmare

Source: daweedhh

#2 My dog's vet put him on a restricted diet because he's older. My wife keeps giving him meat and sneaking it into the food I make for him

Source: Yosho2k

#3 Worst orange

Source: gamble87

#4 Damn it

Source: Answerer_1

#5 Whyyyyy?

Source: Pat_rice_angelfan

#6 Task Rabbit sucks

Source: SugarsBoogers

#7 Thanks for the reminder

Source: ranqr

#8 Holy — what now?

Source: krolladi

#9 This a-hole teacher

Source: DimitriTooProBro

#10 No, just no

Source: Shaneblaster

#11 Not really waterproof anymore

Source: ReligiousPornstar

#12 Thanks, kid

Source: Honeycombz99

#13 Pure chaos

Source: Tachlush

#14 I also hate this person

Source: dubbs4president

#15 Well… she loves you?

Source: mikeyymikey

#16 Nope. Jerks.

Source: epicgaming038

#17 Oh god, this was INFURIATING during the pandemic

Source: SunflowerRainfall

#18 I– what

Source: Teacher_Agitated

#19 Lies!

Source: Lonely_Is_The_Night

#20 Disgusting

Source: GhostHashtag

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