Dog With Deformed Face Has Best Life And Lots Of Love From His Wonderful Family

Everyone has to go through adversities in certain periods of life, but what makes them different is their attitudes toward the challenges. While some lose hope and fall into despair when facing difficulties, others are able to keep a positive outlook on life even in the darkest days of their lives.

Let’s meet Arrow, a brave and cheerful pup that overcomes a tragedy to have a bright future with a loving family!

Source: arrowtotherescue

Though Arrow looks extremely happy now, he used to have a horrible experience in the past. He had a shattered jaw when he was brought to the animal rescue group PMM Rescue Inc as a baby. His jaw was damaged by a vicious bite from another dog. Unfortunately, his lower right jaw was rotting and can’t be saved. The vets decided to cut out the dead bone, meaning to remove his lower right law and a part of the upper right side.

Source: arrowtotherescue

The hero who saved Arrow’s life was Dr. Sidhu of Bakersfield, California. After the surgery, he stayed with the dog to ensure his health condition.

Source: arrowtotherescue

Though the accident robbed the puppy of part of his jaw and left a permanent scar, it can’t damage his joyful spirit. Impervious to the deformity, Arrow threw himself into life in a brilliant way, making his tale go viral on the internet.

Source: arrowtotherescue

He loves eating, playing baseball, learning new tricks, and creating messes whenever he drinks. He also enjoys spending time with his beloved family, cuddling, exchanging hugs and kisses, and strolling with his parents.

Source: arrowtotherescue

As a reward for Arrow’s optimism and braveness, fate gave him the best parents in the world. They have been used to cleaning up his messes and the food scattered around the house because of his crooked mouth. They love him the way he is despite his physical limits. Thus, Arrow is free to show off his energetic spirit and “does what he wants.”

See how happy he is in the video below!

Arrow’s story has proven that you can’t judge anyone by looking at their appearance. It takes a little time and effort to get to know others, but it is always worth your try!

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