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  1. What Is Bi-Generation?
  2. The Toymaker's Downfall: How The Doctors Triumphed
  3. The Toymaker's Boast And A Golden Legacy
  4. Why Did David Tennant Come Back As The Fifteenth Doctor?
  5. Both David Tennant And Ncuti Gatwa Have A TARDIS

Doctor Who The Giggle: 60th Anniversary Special Ending Explained

In the wake of the momentous 60th-anniversary special of Doctor Who, titled "The Giggle," which was released on December 9, 2023, fans are left both exhilarated and perplexed by the unexpected twists in the finale. Let's delve into the intricate details and provide an insightful explanation to unravel the mysteries.


What Is Bi-Generation?

Doctor Who The Giggle ending explained
In a game-changing move, "The Giggle" rewrites Doctor Who's history with the fresh idea of "bi-generation." The Toymaker challenges the Doctor to a decisive third game, aiming for the best of three. Opting for a new opponent, he zaps the Time Lord with a galvanic beam, triggering a regeneration.
Donna and the returning Melanie Bush grab the Doctor's hands, expecting the usual farewell. Surprisingly, despite glowing, the Doctor retains David Tennant's face. Claiming it "feels different this time," he instructs them to "pull" in opposite directions. To everyone's shock, Ncuti Gatwa emerges. Now, we're faced with two Doctors – Tennant's Fourteenth and Gatwa's Fifteenth.
Initially confused, they realize they've "bi-generated," a once-thought myth. Two Doctors coexist, sharing memories and abilities but leading separate lives. Concerned about sharing a TARDIS, Gatwa's Fifteenth mentions a promised prize after winning the Toymaker's game. He smacks the TARDIS with a fairground hammer, duplicating it. Tennant's Doctor and Gatwa's Fifteenth each have their own, with Gatwa's boasting a fabulous jukebox!

The Toymaker's Downfall: How The Doctors Triumphed

"The Giggle" turned into a surprise Doctor Who multi-Doctor tale, usually a thing for anniversaries. The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors teamed up against the Toymaker, challenging him to a game of catch the ball. They had an advantage, throwing the ball in a way that kept the Toymaker guessing. They won, and the Toymaker lost.
After beating the Toymaker, the Doctors sent him packing, basically sending him back to his own dimension, far from our reality. Even though the Doctors won, the Toymaker hinted he might return. He warned the Doctor about his legions coming. This could be a hint about the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special. Gatwa's Fifteenth Doctor might face goblins, possibly like the Toymaker – more folklore than science. The trailer even showed them in a spaceship.

The Toymaker's Boast And A Golden Legacy

In an earlier scene, the Toymaker proudly listed all the beings he claimed victory over to the Doctor. He bragged about turning the Doctor's past into a jigsaw puzzle, a funny way to explain Doctor Who's continuity issues—like Skaro and Atlantis being destroyed multiple times, conflicting stories about historical figures, and the countless adventures in tie-in media. This might also shed light on the confusing parts of the Timeless Child retcon.
After boasting about rewriting the Doctor's history, the Toymaker celebrated the Master losing a game and becoming his forever-gold tooth. When banished from reality, his golden tooth stayed behind. In "The Giggle," a female hand, likely someone from UNIT, picked it up. This hints at the Master's return to 21st-century Earth, adding excitement with the potential of the latest UNIT team. Interestingly, in the first Doctor Who anniversary special, Donna joked that a guy with a goatee shouldn't be trusted, possibly foreshadowing the Master's appearance.

Why Did David Tennant Come Back As The Fifteenth Doctor?

The Doctor Who anniversary specials finally explained why David Tennant came back as the Fifteenth Doctor—it seems the Doctor had some unfinished business. The Doctor, always running, never really healing from all the tough stuff, never settling down to experience family life. Donna brought something new to the Fourteenth Doctor: a family. He chose to stick around on Earth with the Noble family but will likely keep having adventures since he's closely tied to UNIT.
There have been rumors about a UNIT spinoff, and now it seems more likely than ever. But this spinoff would star David Tennant's Fourteenth Doctor on Earth. It's kind of like Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor era when he got stuck on Earth for a while, building a makeshift family with an earlier UNIT team. It's cool to see Doctor Who setting this up again, especially with the much-loved Tennant as the Doctor.

Both David Tennant And Ncuti Gatwa Have A TARDIS

At first, the Doctor Who anniversary specials looked like they were deciding who gets the TARDIS. But the Fifteenth Doctor, played by Ncuti Gatwa, realized reality was still wonky because of the Toymaker, and they hadn't claimed their prize. So, he did something smart – used a hammer on the TARDIS, and boom, there are two now. Both Doctors have one, almost the same, but Gatwa's has an extra jukebox.
David Tennant's Doctor stuck around on Earth with the Noble family. Gatwa's Doctor, already showing he's in charge, hopped into the TARDIS for new adventures. His story continues in the Doctor Who Christmas Special, "The Church on Ruby Road," which is set to released on December 25, 2023, where he meets his first companion, Ruby Sunday (portrayed by Millie Gibson). Save the date and stay tuned for more thrilling adventures!
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