Disturbing Photos That Will Make You Say 'WTF', Shared In This Online Community

There are many bizarre things in the world, and no place on the internet is more committed to documenting them than the r/WTF subreddit. It is jam-packed with unsettling and odd pictures, and if they don't make you utter the phrase "what the f***?" aloud, I'm not sure what would.
Be prepared before entering this subreddit because practically everything shared in this community is a new definition of 'cursed.' Yes, some things are simply too cursed for public consumption. But it'll be such a waste to throw them into the landfill. And, we know that some of you have been sneakily finding something like that to quench your thirst. So, here we have picked some of the most WTF images from this sub to present to you in the list below.

#1 Imagine coming back from work to find this in your living room

Source: jacklaros

#2 I freaked out a little when I met this while cross country skiing

Source: Dronas

#3 "I'm in danger? I'M THE DANGER!"

Source: Wirpvp

#4 My dad cleans out hoarders' homes after they pass away. He discovered this collection under all the trash

Source: pilatesbody

#5 Ultimate NOPE!

Source: whoanellie418

#6 John Wayne Gacy did construction for my grandparents and we found his business card while going through some stuff today

Source: watchperson1

#7 Trash Pandamonium

Source: VerySlump

All eyes are on you. All those eyes are looking right at your face. Sorry, but I can't handle the look of that many people or trash pandas in this case. Luckily it's daylight. If it was at night, seeing those eyes glowing in the dark would have me terrified.

#8 I have been losing my mind over how my work shoes are always spotless in the morning after being out on my porch overnight, I wore different shoes to work last night and I found out why when I came home. There were about 50 and they only exist because of flour on my shoes

Source: megawaveoven

Free slug-cleaning service at home! The fact that the shoes are all spotless after each night is strong evidence that these slugs are doing good. Just try to keep your eyes away when they're working. And, we hope that none of them falls asleep inside your shoes during their work hours...

#9 Coconut crabs are attracted to the smell of food

Source: jcdehoff

These little fellas may look slow and clumsy, but don't overlook them. Coconut crabs are incredibly strong. They can easily break the outer shell of a coconut, which is incredibly tough. It's said that their claws can generate force enough to break a human bone also. They're quite agile, honestly. That's how they got the name 'robber crab.' Steal and run!

#10 The aftermath of recent flooding in Germany

Source: Ideal_Jerk

#11 All the brown you can see is spiders

Source: aloofwatermelon

#12 What the actual fck?

Source: Arkady2009

#13 Just learned that standing this close to a 380 feet waterfall is a thing (Devil's pool - Victoria falls)

Source: Morganga200

#14 Found in random estate sale box - Pile of notepads FULL front and back of obsessive notes on the next door neighbors every move. Meticulous detail. Several times a day for YEARS

Source: EarnSneakySneaky

#15 Found in Downtown Fresno, CA. Someone covered a Geo Metro with Pennies. Possibly doubled the value of the car

Source: rbbass

#16 Not just what the fck but WHY the fck?!

Source: V8TITAN

#17 Martin Laurello could turn his head 180° & was known as the human owl. He was a sideshow performer who lived from 1886 to 1955

Source: Browndog888

#18 A bear chasing a skier

Source: kredyt24

#19 The beginning of a disaster?

Source: HattoriHanzo983

#20 An octopus with 32 tentacles

Source: criteriaz

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