Disabled? Puh-lease! Here Are Inspirational Badasses Living Their Best Lives and Giving Zero F***s.

We all know life can be a real trip sometimes, especially when it deals you a bad hand with sickness, injury, or just being differently abled. And lemme tell ya, it ain't easy when the whole world seems to be built for the able-bodied. But check it out—these 20 inspirational badasses below use their killer sense of humor and handle things like champs. Get ready to laugh till you cry (or pee your pants, depending on your age).
Studies even say that facing tough situations with a positive attitude can boost your quality of life. And guess what? Disabled folks rate their life satisfaction just as high or even higher than those able-bodied homies. With a funny bone like these guys, it's no wonder they wake up every day with a grin on their faces. So let's let their stories serve as a reminder that life is what we make it, and that with the right mindset, we can overcome any obstacle. Now raise a glass to these amazing individuals who prove that the human spirit is truly unstoppable, and scroll down to check them all out.

#1. Arms dealer.

Source: Bigboi6922

#2. "My friend's son has trouble walking, this was the solution for Halloween"

Source: Nrnicka

#3. "But I’m happy!"

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#4. Hopefully he realizes you were just pulling his leg.

Source: AwesomePrussia

#5. That little piggy REALLY went

Source: icemann0

#6. That's such a low bar she could probably jump over it.

Source: luckyLE0

#7. "Took my son to meet his real dad today"

Source: FoodsWithThreateningAuras

#8. "Going back to work next week. Trying to convince my colleagues I had a beach holiday."

Source: Hoger

#9. Such a great attitude to have!

Source: 9gag

#10. Hell yeah!

Source: SianKaan

#11. F*cking mental!

Source: Atoms-of-Oblivion

#12. Wholesome bump.

Source: NRGpop

#13. He's the better half!

Source: docmailllou

#14. "My friend was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He thought it would be funny to send this as his Christmas letter. His wife, horrified, added the sticker."

Source: akiro27

#15. "Gonna request a refund."

Source: reddit

#16. Usually I'd say decorating graduation caps are dumb but...

Source: devgal

#17. "Pops go himself a new shirt"

Source: mandy_girl_3

#18. "My old Navy buddy is having his leg amputated next month. This is his new tattoo."

Source: piranhasaurusTex

#19. "Friend had ear surgery and decided to make the best of it."

Source: gem25

#20. Fingers crossed.

Source: ThePyroTaco

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