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  1. #1. The confusion in transferring senior members
  2. #2. What Dior says?
  3. #3. Who is Alexandra Winokur?

Dior: New President, Again? All About Dior New Leader

After making the senior members transfer within its largest market - China, Dior continued to cause confusion when the luxury brand lost the position of president of Christian Dior Couture Americas and managing director of North America - Gianfranco D. 'Attis. Let's find out who is the new president of Dior and what this confusion is all about.

#1. The confusion in transferring senior members

Dior new presidentSource: Fashion Network

On 9th December 2022, Dior announced that it was Gianfranco D'Attis' last working day. Based on the rule that "after the termination of a three-month contract, one can transfer to work for the brand or group competitors” is signed with all senior personnel to secure its interests and trade secrets, and according to a Prada press release “from 2nd January 2023 Gianfranco D'Attis started a new term at the brand", the time of the separation of Dior and Gianfranco D'Attis was around September 2022. This coincides with the time Dior announced that the President of Dior China - Hervé Perrot was transferred by LVMH to BVLGARI.
The two high-ranking personnel leading two very large markets of Dior moving at the same time also raised the question: did the management team fight, conflict of interest or what?
Currently, a replacement for Hervé Perrot is unknown, but they have named the successor of Gianfranco D'Attis which is Alexandra Winokur - Cartier Vice President of North America. On March 22, 2023, Alexandra Winokur will begin her tenure at LVMH as the president of Christian Dior Couture Americas.

#2. What Dior says?

Dior new presidentSource: Zimbio

Charles Delapalme, managing director in charge of commercial activities for Christian Dior Couture, said: "I am pleased to welcome Alexandra, whose experience in successfully driving the development and implementation of strategies for achieving sales plans elevating the client experience, delivering operational excellence and improving employee engagement in different retail environments across North America, will further support our ambitious goals in the Americas."
Additionally, he remarked, "I would like to congratulate Gianfranco for his dedication and contribution to the strong development of the Americas over the past four years."
D'Attis moved from Geneva to New York after being appointed managing director of Christian Dior Couture North America in April 2019. He formerly served as Jaeger-international LeCoultre's managing director.

#3. Who is Alexandra Winokur?

Dior new presidentSource: WWD

Since 2029, Alexandra Winokur has been a senior vice president at Cartier North America. In this role, she oversees all commercial operations in the United States and Canada, as well as all corporate and sales channels. She held a number of regional vice president positions at Louis Vuitton North America. She also worked for Marc Jacobs as general manager of Collection Accessories before moving up to senior vice president of U.S. retail at Tiffany, where she had previously held the position of group vice president of North American retail.
When Tiffany & Co. was acquired by LVMH in 2019, they removed the brand's senior personnel and replaced the new LVMH leadership: Michael Burke, Anthony Ledru, and Alexandre Arnault. Alexandra Winokur at the time had moved to work for rival brand Cartier with a similar position at Tiffany & Co. before. After 3 years, once again the name Alexandra Winokur "clashed" with LVMH. Guess we'll have to see what happens next year.
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