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  1. 1. Diablo 4 feels like Diablo 2?
  2. 2. You can choose between more or less guidance: depending on your experience with the series
  3. 3. Difficulty settings follow a world tier system
  4. 4. There’s a decent chunk of things to do
  5. 5. The devil is in the details

Diablo 4 Review: 5 Details You Need to Consider Before Purchase Diablo 4

Diablo 4 will release on June 6, 2023, as per the new trailer at The Game Awards. This announcement comes just days after a leaked document showed the game’s release date.
The Beta demo ends with Act 1’s conclusion, though not without creating intrigue for the road ahead. The sense of stumbling after an evil that’s steps ahead permeates a story that unfolds briskly and unburdened by bloat. Whether the momentum carries remains to be seen, but it feels worth finding out. Here is Diablo 4 Beta review and its details.

1. Diablo 4 feels like Diablo 2?

Diablo 4 Beta ReviewSource: destructoid

 Diablo 4 was reminded of Diablo 2 in more ways than the other predecessor. The design is much darker, and the story feels more dire overall. The intro showed a more helpless/beaten down protagonist (they were huddled in a cave, freezing, with a dead mount). NPCs ask you to prove your worth rather than assuming the role of the chosen one right away, as D3 did. Lilith, the new big bad, also adds a new flavor to the game, as they're actually involved in the story rather than just watching it.

2. You can choose between more or less guidance: depending on your experience with the series

Diablo 4 Beta ReviewSource: destructoid

Smartly, Diablo 4 is aiming to pick up players of all playstyles: lapsed fans, hardcore folks, and newcomers. You were given the option of toggling on/off most tutorials, depending on your experience with the series. If you want, you can dive into the game’s new skill tree system immediately, which I did with my “main,” the Barbarian .Here are the three options, with all the specializations you can choose from:
  • Barbarian (berserking, bleed-focused, walking arsenal [tank], or unbridled rage [damage])
  • Sorcerer (frost, pyromancy, or shock)
  • Rogue (marksman, imbuements, or traps)

3. Difficulty settings follow a world tier system

Diablo 4 Beta ReviewSource: GameK

 We’re moving into world tiers, as Diablo 4 continues to incorporate more open world game design into the series. “Adventurer” is tier 1 (the lowest/easiest), and “Veteran” is tier 2. You can increase your tier at specific statues (usually in hubs), or on the title screen: and doing so will add more challenging enemies, better drops, and increased XP and gold (the usual stuff).
By default (at this current time in the game’s development cycle), you can swap between the two freely, but the rest are locked. Here’s the full list available to us at the moment:
  • Nightmare (recommended level 50 – sacred item drops appear, and nightmare dungeons, triggered through nightmare sigils, are unlocked)
  • Hell (recommended level 60 – greater chance of sacred item drops, and rare nightmare sigils)
  • Torment (recommended level 70, ancestral items appear, as well as new unique items)

4. There’s a decent chunk of things to do

Diablo 4 Beta ReviewSource: ING

When scouring through the Act 1 map, you came across numerous micro-dungeons and random encounters/activities. The classic “elite jumbled up ability” enemy types are still present, but the map feels so much bigger now that there’s more of them. Dungeon Producer Ash Sweetring noted in our interview that it could take players “around 45-50 hours” just to complete the campaign, with a lot more to do after that.

5. The devil is in the details

Diablo 4 Beta ReviewSource: gamesradar

When it is intended to be fluid, the world map you navigate feels that way. The three acts that make up the game's middle act can be played in any order you like, and you can pick them up and put them down whenever you need to focus on something else. Although the recommended level on each act does provide the correct answer regarding completion order, if you want to go against the flow, the required power level can be easily attained through side-questing.
Your journey to complete each campaign objective takes you across some zones set above your level to ward you off, though plenty of areas adjust to your current means. It ensures each dungeon and world event offers a measured challenge, and that you never truly outgrow any area regarding power –  though the feeling of good loot lingering around any fresh demon kill offers reward in itself for demanding you stay on your toes.  The beta ends before your combat potential fully reveals itself, though the identity of a build forms swiftly. The Rogue is Diablo 2’s Assassin and Diablo 3’s bow-toting Demon Hunter mashed together, leaving you free to craft a set-up that taps into the melee capabilities of the former while borrowing the odd ranged-related trick from the latter.

Source: ING

Any newly fashioned Rogue begins with a knife and bow, leaving you ill-equipped to thin Sanctuary’s horde. The world gradually becomes less daunting as the skill tree opens up with a wealth of combat options. The first cluster of ability upgrades teaches you to throw a knife and then make it ricochet off the skulls of the undead, eventually paving the way to new skill groups that unlock base stat boosts or a trap that can subsequently be made poisonous down the line. 
Build crafting has a degree of flexibility in the early game, though not without consideration. Any skill point spent can be reclaimed, though the progress towards the next ability cluster diminishes. Progress returns once you put that experience towards something else in the cluster, though it stops you from removing every ounce of experience from your first cluster and moving it to another to fund more powerful, desirable moves. 
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