Devoted Military Dog Stands Guard To Protect Soldier As He Sleeps At The Airport

What do we know about a soldier's life? Being stuck in the airport while on their way overseas or coming back home is just one of the tribulations they endure. In addition to specific jobs, including tracking, explosive detection, patrol, search and rescue, and attack, military dogs accompany soldiers in such a boring, exhausting airport-stuck situation.

Source: shutterstock (photo used for illustration)

Redditor u/majorchamp snapped this heartwarming moment of a sleeping soldier getting some rest on the floor of an airport with his loyal German Shepherd standing guard and shared the photo with the subreddit r/pics.

Source: u/majorchamp

An airport might not be as life-threatening as a battleground, but the military dog surely didn't want to let his guard down. On the other hand, people watching the photo wondered what the soldier would think when he knew about his always-on-duty furry pal's act.

Source: Fox News (photo used for illustration)

The dog not only protected the man from any disturbance, but he also kept him warm and acted as a soft pillow so that his soldier could sleep safely and soundly. Apparently, the soldier should be thankful for his dog's devotion.Here are several feedbacks from other Redditors:

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