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  1. Why Do People Believe Derek Carr's Eyeliner Rumors?
  2. Fact Check: Does Derek Carr Wear Eyeliner?

Fact Check: Derek Carr's Eyeliner Rumor Or Just Beautifully Lush Eyelashes?

Something never changes in American football. Whether he is a Raider or a Saint, it seems Derek Carr's eyeliner rumors is a integral part of football culture! Perhaps the protected helmet covering his thick, lush lashes was the reason for the Saints' crushing loss to Jaguars recently

Despite the gripping match, some viewers were more intrigued by something different: his seemingly striking black eyeliner. Is it a tactic to intimidate opponents on the field, or does Carr naturally possess thick lashes that give the appearance of makeup? Let's find out!

Why Do People Believe Derek Carr's Eyeliner Rumors?

Source: MYEECU
If you've had a close look at Derek, you might have observed that the area around his eyelashes looks quite dark, almost as if he's applied eyeliner. Derek himself has playfully addressed this by joking about wearing "guyliner" in an EECU advertisement.
The Saint QB has playfully denied the joking rumors, asserting that "the Lord blessed [him] with fantastic eyelashes" during an interview on The Dan Patrick Show. Furthermore, in October 2018, Derek shed tears on the field after sustaining an injury in a game against the Denver Broncos. If he had been wearing eyeliner, it would have a ugly-cry smudging fest! However, it remains unconfirmed whether he was genuinely shedding tears or merely in intense pain.

Fact Check: Does Derek Carr Wear Eyeliner?

does derek carr wear eyeliner Source: Google Images

In a thread on Reddit dedicated to the team, fans of the Raiders have posed the question about Derek Carr's eyeliner rumor, "Why would the quarterback be wearing eyeliner in the first place?", and the responses have been rather entertaining.

Reddit user anustart2018 stated that it was "for intimidation purposes," and capincus backed up this claim by noting that "it would be incredibly awful a-s for a male to wear mascara onto a football field without care for what anyone thought." 

However, many are sympathetic to the great athlete and remark that it is common for people to assume that they are putting on eyeliner when they have lovely natural lashes, like Derek Carr's eyes do. For instance, user Henne BadB—-h Weed said on Reddit, "I have thick, long eyelashes too, and people just think that about me." Another Redditor, Slayer Of Anubis, replied, "I understand, Derek. People ask me the same thing all the time."

Derek Carr Eyeliner Source: Google Images

It would appear that all of us owe an apology to Derek for presuming that he was wearing eye makeup and for neglecting the genuine beauty that he possessed. However, if he is truly using eyeliner as a form of intimidation, we have no problem respecting his taste.

To be honest, with those lush, thick and beautiful eyelashes, if he were to come out with a collection of eye cosmetics and Derek Carr's eyeliner was a thing, it'd be sold out in an instance! Kylie Jenner, who?

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