20 Deceptive Photos That Make Us Think Our Eyes Glitch

Our eyes are truly amazing. They are complex and advanced to the point that we can tell the difference between shades of many colors. But they are also easy to fall for some little mind tricks. Believe it or not, sometimes it’s just a photo that makes us feel confused and like we can’t fully understand what we are looking at. That's when we realize, perspective is everything and just one glance is not enough to figure out what is really going on.
We have gathered 20 deceptive photos that will make you think you see something that is not actually there. Scroll down and double-take each photo to understand. If confusing images are your thing, check out our previous post here for more!

#1. Weird legs

Source: ashtothesheep

#2. Her arm seems to disappear

Source: nancytravisofficial

#3. I'm confused

deceptive photosSource: Petenne08

#4. A woman stuck to a man

Source: Kruzat

#5. Weird position to be sitting

Source: bwxsf

#6. She was slowly slurping her hair

Source: reddit

#7. Tiny men in a pool

Source: sensibletruck

#8. Nice hairstyle

Source: raging--_--tomato

#9. "Are you a dog person?"

Source: AlwaysTheNoob

#10. Her head is floating

Source: HooptyDooDooMeister

#11. Baby Karen

Source: Blonde-Tabby

#12. She's holding the hand of a kid

Source: Possible-Army7493

#13. She and her little boy

deceptive photosSource: Vishwasm123

#14. Wtf is even going on here

deceptive photosSource: joosedcactus33

#15. Just a guy wearing a hoodie

deceptive photosSource: zaferemre

#16. Don't usually brag but I've been saving a lot for this watch and finally managed to buy it

deceptive photosSource: Dbrazy

#17. Looks like his legs are in the cart

deceptive photosSource: bobo94s

#18. A picture of friends prior to a Vegas wedding

deceptive photosSource: scorpyo72

#19. Didn't know my leg had been amputated

deceptive photosSource: JustBrowsingActually

#20. Guy behind wife snuck his rather large hand on her shoulder, while kid behind me cupped a feel around my love handles

deceptive photosSource: SammoB

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