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  1. Death And Other Details Filming Locations

Death And Other Details Filming Locations: Where Is The Series Filmed?

"Death and Other Details," a Hulu series blending Crime, Drama, Mystery, and Thriller, is set to grab viewers' attention with its complex story and eye-catching imagery. The series, starring Linda Emond, Lauren Patten, Violett Beane, and more, centers on Detective Rufus Cotesworth and protégé Imogene on a sailing ship in the Med where it's full of secrets.

Death And Other Details Filming Locations

Filming locations play an important part in setting the mood and story of any series. "Death and Other Details" is no exception, with its different filming spots making it more real and deep.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The main filming spot for "Death and Other Details" was Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Known for its diverse scenery, Vancouver provided an ideal backdrop for the series. The city's cool combination of city and nature stuff, including its art gallery, Chinatown, Stanley Park, English Bay Beach, and status as an entry point to Alaska, offered flexible settings for the show.

Skydance Studios, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Important inside scenes were shot at Skydance Studios, located at 12091 88 Avenue in Surrey. This studio, known for its great facilities, was crucial in bringing many indoor sequences of "Death and Other Details" to life.
These locations in British Columbia, with their unique traits, significantly contributed to showing the story with visuals of "Death and Other Details," making it a series everyone's waiting for.
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